Downey Girls Ponytail Athletic Association: Welcome

Sunday, October 16


  Fall ball 2016 Raffle Winners!!

1st Place:  Ruth Garcia won $800

2nd Place:  Ray R. Jaramillo won $650

3rd Place:  Erika Avila won $500

4th Place: Leo Gutierrez won $200

5th Place: Denise (Raul) Reyes $100

Congratulations and Thank you for Supporting our League!! 


Beginning of December 2016 we will start taking Spring 2017 Applications.  Check back for dates, times and other information




National ASA Tournament Update:

Congratulations again to our 2016 14u Gold Allstar team for taking 2nd Place out of 52 teams in La Habra week of July 27- 31.  

What a Great Team and What Great Heart these girls have for the softball sport.  Awesomeness!!



State ASA Tournament Update:

Congratulations once again to our 2016 Gold Allstar teams at the Lancaster ASA State Tournament July 8-10, 2016

14u Gold Allstars took 2nd place out of 32 teams

DPT High School took 2nd place out of 20 teams

Awesome work girls...Great Job!!



District ASA Tournament Update:

Congratulations to our 2016 Gold Allstar teams at La/So Bay District Tournament June 24-26, 2016

14u Gold Allstars taking 1st place going Undefeated

10u Gold Allstars taking 2nd place

8u Gold taking 3rd place

High School taking 4th place



 Registration fee Includes: Jersey, Trophy, Pictures and Secondary Insurance


Check the side calendar of events out for more information.


   Downey Ponytail Office and Message Center 562-904-8000

Field Information and Updates 562-904-KIDZ (5439)
E-mail address: 
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Monday, August 1
14u National Tournament

Huge Congratulations and Great job 14u Gold Allstars for taking 2nd Place in the National ASA Tournament out of 52 teams.  You guys worked very hard going about 2.5 hours in the elimination game with 2 tie breakers coming out ahead 16 to 15 final score.  What heart, motiviation, determination and skill you all have.  Your hard work and dedication is priceless and memory forever. Downey Ponytail league is so very proud of you!

Monday, July 11
Lancaster ASA State Tournament 14u Gold Allstars

Congratulations and Great job 14u Gold Allstars for taking 2nd Place in the Lancaster ASA State Tournament out of 32 teams.  This year was the most teams entered in the state tournament and the most 14u teams playing. All your hard work and dedication paid off ladies. DPT is so proud of you


Monday, July 11
DPT High School Allstar ASA State Tournament

Congratulations to our DPT High School Allstar team for taking 2nd Place out of 20 teams in the Lancaster ASA State Tournament, weekend of July 8- 10.  Great job ladies!  Nationals here we come!!


Monday, July 11
8u Silver Allstars Encino/Sherman Oaks Tournament

Congratulations to our 8u Silver Allstar team for taking 2nd place in the Encino Sherman Oaks Tournament


Monday, July 4
10U Gold Allstar Champions of Clairemont SD Tournament

Congratulations to our 10u Gold Allstars for taking 1st Place this Fourth of July Weekend at the Clairemont San Diego Tournament. Great Job girls!  Lets keep it going...Work hard, Play hard and Have fun!


Sunday, June 26
14U District Champions 2016

DISTRICT CHAMPIONS going UNDEFEATED at LA/SO BAY 2016 District Tournament!!! 


Sunday, June 26
10u Gold Allstars 2nd Place District Champs 2016

Congratulations to our 10u Gold Allstars for taking 2nd place in the La/ So Bay Tournament!!  Great work


Sunday, June 26
8u Gold 3rd Place District Champs 2016

Congratulations to our 8u Gold Allstars for taking 3rd place at the La/So Bay District Tournament.  Great job girls!!


Monday, June 27
High School Allstars District Tournament 2016

Congrats to our High School Downey Ponytail Allstars for taking 4th Place at La/So Bay District Tournament!!  Keep up the Good work ladies.


Monday, June 20
14U Gold Allstars - Chino Hills Tournament

Once again bringing home a trophy our 14u Gold Allstars took 2nd place at the Chino Hills Summer Slam Tournament.  Dedication, Teamwork and greatness all around.  Great job girls bringing home 4 straight wins!  You're Awesome!!

Tuesday, June 14
8u Silver Allstars - Champions Torrance Tournament

Congratulations 8u Silver Allstars going undefeated and winning the championship at the Torrance Summer Slam 2016.  Great job girls!

Monday, June 20
8U Silver Allstars - Rancho Bernardo Tournament

8U Silver Allstars took Rancho Bernardo Summer Slam Tournament once again going UNDEFEATED!!  Awesome job girls.  Keep up the good work.  Play hard work hard!

Tuesday, June 14
10u Gold Allstars - Fountain Valley Tournament

Congratulations to our 10u Gold Allstars taking 2nd place at the Fountain Valley Tournament 2016.  Great job winning 3 straight games ladies.  Keep up the great job.


Tuesday, June 14
14u Gold Allstars - Fountain Valley Tournament

Congratulations to our 14u Gold Allstars for going undefeated and Winning 1st place in the Fountain Valley Tournament June 11-12, 2016 


Monday, June 6
12U Gold Allstars - Charter Oaks Tournament Jun 4-5, 2016

12U Gold takes 2nd Place at the Charter Oaks Tournament. Good job girls!!!


Saturday, May 28
6U All Stars

6U Allstars won 14-12 vs Glendora at the La Mirada Tournament May 27-29, 2016.  Later tied La Mirada 13.  Great job Downey...Good Luck!! Go Downey!!


Monday, June 6
8U Gold Allstar

8U Gold Allstar...Get ready to bring it on!!!


Sunday, June 5
14u Allstars - Huntington Beach Surf City Tournament June 4-5, 2016

Great job to our 14u Allstars taking 2nd place in the Huntington Beach Surf City Tournament!!

Monday, May 30
10u Gold Allstar

Proud of our 10U Gold Allstars in the Orange Canyon Tournament.  We came up short but with postivie attitudes and hard work you'll get the next one.


Monday, May 30
14u Allstars - La Mirada Madness Tournament May 27-29, 2016

14U Allstars takes 2nd Place in La Mirada Tournament!!  Go Downey!!


12u Silver Allstars-01.jpeg
Sunday, May 29
12U Silver Allstars

12U Silver Allstars...Let's get this girls!


Monday, May 30
High School Allstars 2016

Downey Ponytail High School Allstars takes 1st Place in the West Covina Tournament May 27-30. Great Job Girls!!  Keep up the hard work and dedication.


Sunday, May 29
2016 Allstars

*** 2016 ALLSTARS ***

10U Allstar Gold 2016-1.jpeg
10U Gold Allstars
Saturday, May 21
2016 Allstars Pictures

12U Gold Allstars

12U Silver Allstars

Sunday, May 29
14u 2016 Allstars


Wednesday, March 2
DPT Open Board Positions

DPT 2016 Open Board Positions

The following positions are open on the DPT Board:
Snack Shack Coordinator
Snack Shack Assistant

We NEED you!  Remember the board is made up of parent volunteers.  Show your support in our league and join us.  Show your daughter how to be a leader/team player!


Pick Up Your Trash!

Coaches, Managers, Players, and Parents

Please pick up your trash. Be sure that the stands and dugouts are clear of all trash before you leave the area.  Failure to do so could lead to a forfeit of your next game.  Take pride in your park.


Tuesday, September 1
GATE BY FIELD 4 is Closed for Fall Ball

The gate by field 4 will be open Mon - Fri 4 pm to 9 pm and

Saturdays from 7am until 5pm...During the Spring Season.

Please be sure the area is FREE from trash when you leave!

This Parking lot is the authority of LA County Schools and is a PRIVILEGE that can be taken away.

Wednesday, January 27
General Membership


Elks Lodge 11233 Woodruff, Downey

(Woodruff & Firestone) (Click here for map)

3rd Wednesday of each month @ 7:30 p. m. 

  This meeting is open to all members of Downey Ponytail.  Each team manager and coach should be in attendance - this includes all divisions and All Stars.  Please do not park in the parking lot in front of the building as that lot is for Elk members.  Use the CalTrans parking lot behind the fence or the bank parking lot. 

The general membership does not meet in July, August, November or

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Wed 11/2 star Executive Board Meeting 7:00 PM - Nov 3, 2031 7:30 PM Apollo Park
Wed 11/16 star General Membership Meeting 7:30 PM - Nov 17, 2031 Elks Lodge