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Tuesday, February 9
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From this site you will be able to check schedules for practice, games and special events. Manage Rosters & Statistics for coaches and managers and get player stats & more for parents!

A Messege from the president…

Douglass Little League Baseball 2010
Growing up in the near eastside area of Martindale-Brightwood community is not an easy thing to do. For the unititiated outsider it may seem practically impossible. The newspapers headlines and other media commentary often dwell upon the negative that has happen lately with our youth and hopelessness.
Thank God there is hope.
For 56 continuous years the Douglass Little League is (located in Oscar Charleston Park), 30th and Rural) has worked hard to improve the lives of our young people with another choice.
With the financial support of our sponsors, dedication and commitment by staff and coaches, 2009 was a blessed year with a successful season of tradition. Again children ages 5-18 years old were able to a complete a schedule from may to august.
Douglass was blessed to facilitate a girls softball team. We hope to increase this year and include more girls participation.
With the spring 2010 rapidly approaching we are again soliciting support from individuals and the business community. Not only financially, but by participating in the stands. Please try and recall the joys of your little league summers. Help create fond memories for the future by stopping by, watch a game and blessing our children. Thank you in advance for making 2010 a very special summer for 300 young people.

Cecil G. Sinkfield
Pres. Douglass Little League.