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Friday, October 11
 Welcome to the Official Dorchester County Pop Warner website
Contact us @
Practice starts August 1st
Please contact
Debbie Marshall  410-228-5578
Wylie  Gray Sr  410-228-0131
 With any questions concerning the Registration process
All Cheer Questions
Sandi Kenny, VP Cheer
All Football Questions
Tommy Gray, VP Football

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Tuesday, September 14
Bayside Standings Link

Bayside Standing Link

Sunday, June 22
2014 Bayside Schedule

2014 Bayside Schedule


  Date             Visitor                    Home                      Bye  

Aug. 23rd             Kent                              Talbot                           Dorchester    

  PeeWee              Dorchester    @              Talbot               4pm

                            Caroline                        S. Caroline  

UNL                    Kent                @            S. Caroline          5pm

 Aug. 30th              Talbot                           Caroline                        S. Caroline 

                              Dorchester                     Kent  

Dorchester PeeWee do not play 

Sept. 6th               Caroline                        Dorchester                     Kent       

 UNL                     Kent                  @         Dorchester         4 pm

                             S. Caroline                    Talbot

Sept. 13th             Dorchester                     S. Caroline                    Talbot 

                              Kent                              Caroline

 PeeWee               Talbot                @         Caroline             4 pm

 Sept. 20th             S. Caroline                    Kent                              Caroline       

                               Talbot                           Dorchester


Sept. 27th             Talbot                           Kent                              Dorchester 


  UNL                     Dorchester         @       Kent                   4 pm

                             S. Caroline                    Caroline

Oct. 4th                 Caroline                        Talbot                           S. Caroline

                               Kent                              Dorchester

 PeeWee                S. Caroline          @        Dorchester        4pm (Note PeeWee time chnge)  

Oct. 12th*              Dorchester                     Caroline                        Kent 

 Sunday                 Talbot                           S. Caroline

UNL                      Dorchester           @      S. Caroline           5pm  (Note UNL time chnge/Location)

  Oct. 18th               S. Caroline                    Dorchester                     Talbot

                               Caroline                        Kent

 Oct 25th                Kent                              S. Caroline                    Caroline

PeeWee                 Caroline                 @     S. Caroline           5pm 

                             Dorchester                     Talbot

Nov. 1st                4                                    1                

  Playoffs             3                                    2

Nov. 8th -Bayside Championship                          



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