Dolton Bears Youth Football and Cheerleading: More Bears Info: Uniform Care Tips(A champion takes pride in his equipment!)

Uniform Care Tips(A champion takes pride in his equipment!)
Your uniform is the property of the Dolton Bears!
You should be proud of your uniform and take good care of it.
Remember that your uniform will be returned at the end of the season and will be worn by another player or cheerleader next season.
Please do not modify, cut, or deface your uniform in any manner.
If for any reason your uniform is lost or stolen, please report it to your coach immediately.

Additional equipment required:
Football Player:
1) Cleats(no removable cleated shoes are allowed per league rules)
2) Athletic supporter with cup and girdle

Other allowable equipment includes:
1) Cold weather clothing
2) Gloves made for football
3) Unaltered elbow, forearm, hand, or shin pads
4) Neck protector
5) Rib protector

1) Body suit
2) Briefs
3) Shoes

Uniform Care:
Football Players:
Wash practice uniforms regularly.
Game jerseys and pants are to be washed in COLD water only!
Do not use bleach!
Air dry, or dry on low heat.

Wash uniforms in cold water and line dry or dry flat. Do not put uniforms into the dryer. Dry clean uniforms before returning them at the end of the season.