Dolton Bears Youth Football and Cheerleading: More Bears Info: Coach and Team Mom Responsibilities

Coach and Team Mom Responsibilities
Our coaches can only do their best. We view coaching as an awesome responsibility.

Our coaches will:
1) Get the players in shape.
2) Work on individual skills for each position.
3) Understand each players potential.
4) Work on team execution of plays
5) Motivate, Communicate, and Lead the players to help them become the best they can be.

Coaches must have the freedom to develop three things in their athletes: Pride, Poise, and Self Confidence.

We will be using the following steps to instruct the game of football:
1) Explain what is required.
2) Have the player perform the technique.
3) Explain the consequences of not performing the technique properly and if necessary, execute the consequences.
4) Demonstrate the technique.

A kids attitude plays a large role in the position they will play.
The kid who has a bad attitude, who is oversensitive, or who demonstrates any sort of problem with a position will be passed over.
A negative attitude is costly.
Remember the unsung heroes are the offensive and defensive linemen.
When selecting starting players, attitude and desire win over ability every time.
Can't has no place on a football team!

Team Moms:
Team Moms are very important to our program!
Team Moms will be coordinating:
1) Rosters
2) Uniforms
3) Equipment
4) Weigh-ins
6) Picture day
7) Homecoming
8) Other Activities
9) Banquet
10) Etc.