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Dolton Bears Mission Statement
The mission of the Dolton Bears Youth Football and Cheerleading organization is to help and support each student athlete in their effort to achieve the highest level of performance during their participation in the program.

Our goal is to develop well-rounded young men and women who learn not only the fundamentals of the sport, but also the importance of education in an atmosphere conducive to developing a sound mind, body, and character - and having a good time along the way. Our goal as coaches is to help and support the development of good sportsmanship and scholarship and to help support the development of each athlete physically, as well as mentally.

The objective of these goals is to promote the spirit of teamwork and of winning attitudes. A second objective of these goals is to promote learning lessons of value that will benefit them far beyond their playing days such as self discipline, concentration, friendship and leadership!

Our coaches will do their best to ensure that each participant is utilized to realize his utmost potential and that their talents are used for the TEAM's best advantage. The TEAM always comes before any individual!

Safety is our #1 concern. Many of the exercises, drills and team rules are there to ensure that each participant is physically and mentally fit for participation. We realize that each child is unique and develops at their own pace. We will exercise both their bodies and their minds in an effort to develop the skills needed to participate in the game of football, or the sport of cheerleading.

Nothing in life, including football and cheerleading, is worthwhile unless you enjoy it and gain something from the experience. So as we attempt to win football games, and we will try to win our games, if our children have a good time and learn the sport of football or cheerleading, our season will be considered a success.

Parents are very important to the success of our program. Coaches and parents must work together. Please keep the coaches informed about any problems that may be going on with your child. If the child has been sick, taking medication, or going thru some emotional trauma, please communicate this with your child's coach where appropriate. Parents and coaches must communicate with mutual respect. Parents and coaches reserve the right to postpone conversations that are getting out of hand. Heated discussions have no place in front of our children!