Dolphin Sports: Welcome

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Dear Dolphin Families:


We would like to take the time to inform you that there are some major changes going on with the organization that will undoubtedly affect all of you in some way.  The Dolphin Sports and Recreation Soccer Program will now be run by The City of Groton and will continue to offer Soccer to our military and civilian families.   We are excited to let you know that the program which you all have come to know will continue to grow as we have in the past few years.  The City of Groton accepts players from all areas to include the areas previously served by Dolphin Sports and Recreation.  The City of Groton Parks and Recreation Department is committed to continuing to provide a quality program.  The new Point of Contact for this program is Mary Hill, Director, Parks & Recreation at 860-446-4128. 


As an Organization, Dolphin Sports and Recreation is not going away; we are however shifting focus to new endeavors as an organization that continues to serve all of our youth in various ways.  There will be a new mission and vision for Dolphin Sports and Recreation moving forward. 


Thank you to all of you that have made Dolphin Sports a family program that we are proud to promote and be a part of.  We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your family and look forward to seeing the program experience new successes.




Rick Ory