Dolphins FC: Welcome

Laurel Dolphins FC Swimming away from the Competition

Please contact the coach for potential indoor play with the Dolphins at We are based out of Germantown.

One of our players made the Maryland State Olympic Development Program.   

The girls have clinched a winning season in WAGS. They are 5-3-2 with one game left that are playing some great soccer and swimming away from the competition. Keep up the good work.

Seasons Pictures Oct 28 Oct 14 Oct 13 October 6th St. Mary's Weekend Anne Arundel

The girls went to the Frederick scrimmagefest in August and went undefeated. They won 2 and tied 2.

The girls traveled to Frederick to participate in a Scrimmagefest against the Frederick Travel teams on May 6th. Fun was had by all and we came back 3-0 with a combined score of 7-0 if you are interested in our team please email the coach on the left side of the page. It is an excited time to be a Dolphin.

See Pictures

Tough game and these girls were very physical.. Click the lick below to vire the pictures.

Saturday Scrimmages

Our goal is to increase player development so that the girls can develop to be beter players and better citizens and eventually when the time is right move on to some of the elite travel programs in the country.

The most important thing is that this team is all about the girls. Put them first having them get as many touches on the ball as possible so that they can grow and build their love and creativity within the game.

We practice on Mondays and Thursday.

We believe in getting the most value for your money. We play in competitive but not as stressful environments for the girls to grow and get better. We challenge the girls by learning new tricks and playing as a team. The budget is something at the initial parents meeting but it will be between 800-900 for the whole year, August-June, that will include, 5 tournaments (2 Frederick Scrimmagefest, Capital Cup tournament on Labor day, one at the end of the fall and the Cherry Blossom tournament), the 2 classic seasons and 2 indoor seasons. My preference is for the girls to play all winter and not practice. I want them to have fun in the winter and if they can not make games not a big deal but I do not want them to not touch a ball for 3 months. I value juggling to start at this age because the ball is in the air alot more in U-11 and onward.

Andrew Einsmann is the coach of this team. He has played soccer for over 30 years including a brief stint in semi-pro soccer in Jamaica. A young and vibrant coach who got his 'E' License, the highest scorer in the class, recently participated with in a training with Ben Olson each year and plans to get his 'D' License in winter 2012 and has attended the positive alliance. He, also, has established relationships with a lot of the local travel coaches and will be arranging scrimmages during the season to push the girls to a higher level. Please email the coach Andrew Einsmann for necessary information at

Juggling numbers

Jesly 111
Grace 12
Bella 18
Alex 8
Sarah 18
Sharon 19
Emily 9
Zoe 12
Alice 30
Alyssa 5
Diana 10

Jorgia 6