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Welcome to the Dobson Dolphins Swim Team

716 Gillespie St. Dobson, NC 27017

PO Box 44, Dobson, NC 27017


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Tuesday, March 9
Life Guard Application

To be employed by the Dobson Dolphins Swim Team Pool you must be Lifeguard Certified and complete the employment application.

Mail application to:

Dobson Dolphins Swim Team Pool

PO Box 44

Dobson, NC 27017


Handout: Employment Application

Wednesday, March 10
Summer Passes

Come and enjoy the pool all summer long! Summer passes are available for purchase.

Family Passes are available for $135.00 (family is your household only, a care giver to a minor may be added to your household)

Indiviual Passes are available for $75.00


Handout: Summer Pass Form

Thursday, September 17
We Have a Facebook Page...

In order to help spread the word about the pool, our special events, and our needs; we have added a Facebook page for the team.  Please invite EVERYONE YOU KNOW to join.  The more people we have on that site, the more people we can message when we have an event!

 Thanks.... DDST Officers

Friday, September 4
Swim Team Store...lots of really cool stuff and the pool earns money for your Purchase!

Apparel Click the item to see the store!

We've teamed up with Prep Sportswear for a great fundraiser. Prep Sportswear offers customizable t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags and much more! They have more than 1,200 products that you can personalize with your name, number, and year. And the best part is every purchase benefits our team! There is no minimum order quantity and they even offer bulk discounts! Help us reach our fundraising goal of by purchasing customized apparel and gear from Prep Sportswear.

Use the promo code below to get 5% Off order subtotal!

Promo Code: 7FXR4FPK

Expiration Date: 10/1/2009

Questions? Contact Lori Hopper.

Thank you for your support! Dobson Dolphins Swim Team Pool Facility 

Thursday, September 17
40% Profit to the team

I recently sent you a message to let you know that our group's Online Fundraising Campaign is underway and your participation is key. So far we have sold 1(one) subscription. There are magazines on this site for everyone at any age! We are trying to raise the money needed for the improvements you have asked for, please help us achieve our goal for you.

If you have not already done so, I hope that you will take a few minutes of your time to help our group achieve its fundraising goal. Just use this link to send emails to your friends and family asking for their support.  They'll receive an invitation to help our group raise funds by purchasing their magazine subscriptions online at up to 85% off newsstand prices. Our group then keeps up to 40% of each purchase amount! And don't forget that when you send at least 12 email invitations and generate 1 magazine sale online, you'll get a free movie ticket redeemable online!

For more information, please contact me directly or call the Technical Support Line toll-free at 1-866-825-2921. Sincerly, Dobson Dolphins Swim Team

P.S. You can also buy or renew your own magazine subscriptions online at savings of up to 85% off newsstand prices! Simply use this link to visit our group's online magazine store.