Deer Lakes Youth Soccer: Fundraising


The fundraising effort for the Fall 2018 season includes raffle ticket sales.  Each player, at registration, pays $10 to buy a packet of 10 raffle tickets.  Each ticket has five chances to win a $500 Gift Card and costs only $1.  The winner will be determined based on the PA lottery evening Big 4 drawing on a date determined at the start of the Spring season.

There is nothing to return to the Soccer Club.  Any money collected should be kept by the seller since the packet was paid for during registration.  There is also no ticket stubs to return.

The winner should contact the Soccer Club via the email address provided on the ticket, or in person at the concession stand.  The winner will also need to present the winning ticket to a member of the Deer Lakes Youth Soccer board to receive their prize.

***Additional packets of tickets are available if you would like to sell more.  Please see a board member at the concession stand to obtain. ***

Good Luck!!


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