Deer Lakes Youth Soccer: Volunteering


Volunteering Fee (Refundable - $75.00 max per family).  The Volunteering Fee will be collected during online registration. Once the volunteering commitment is fulfilled, and our Treasurer has been notified, you will be returned your volunteer fee in the form of a check from Deer Lakes Youth Soccer. 

 $35.00 - 1st child

  $25.00 - 2nd child

   $15.00 - 3rd child  


Volunteering Policy 

Deer Lakes Soccer encourages and requires all parents to volunteer their time for the club.  This is a great way to give back to the community and help our players out.  Volunteering includes, but is not limited to, coaching, assistant coaching, working in the concession stand, commissioning an age group, field maintenance, board position, or comittee member. A description of each of the above examples is included below. 


Coaching or Assistant Coaching - This is self-explanatory.  No soccer experience is required.  There is plenty of help within the Club to help out and get you started.  This is a great way to spend time with your child also.  

Concession Stand - There are several ways you can help out here.  It is as simple as manning a hour in the stand selling the food. We will have a schedule put together for the entire season so that you can pick when you would like to work in the stand (so you can work it when your child is not playing).  Another option is to be the concession stand manager which would require you to set the schedule and stock the stand with the neccessary items.

Age Group Commissioner -  This position would require you to maintain contact with the coaches in your age group, field questions from parents, open the concession stand for referees on game days, and coordinate game schedules.  

Field Maintenance -  Here you would  be working with the Field Commissioner to keep the fields in good condition.  Work here includes, but is not limited to, spreading fertilizer and grass seed, moving goals, fixing divots on the fields, etc.  

Board Position - Board positions are nominated and eleceted positions within the soccer club.  The positions include:

President - Responsible for the direction and administration of the club

Vice-President - Assist and represent the president in all functions so assigned by the president

Treasurer - Control and monitor the input and output of money as well as pay any bills

Secretary - Responsible for all correspondence inside and outside of the club

Concession Stand Manager - Responsible for operation of the concession stand, conducting fundraisers, and designing/implementing ways in which the club can use its monies.

Registrar - Conduct all activities necessary to register all members of the club with PA West

Field Commissioner - Responsible for obtaining fields for games and practices, as well as scheduling.  Also must coordiantre efforts to ensure the fields are properly maintained.

Equipment Manager - Responsible for storage and inventory of all equipment owned by the club. 

Referee Commissioner - Responsible for assigning referees to all home games as well as development and training of referees.      

Director of Coaching - Provide materials to the coaches each season to aid in their task.

Should you have any questions regarding the volunteering positions, please do not hesitate to ask a board member.  


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