Deer Lakes Youth Soccer: Parent's Information


It is our mission to deliver an expanding program to all youth, providing them with a rewarding soccer experience that allows them to develop on and off the field. DLSI will build your child's soccer skills by teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication and commitment. Through soccer, we can provide our children with a positive and fun environment that we all can enjoy.  



With the soccer season upon us, we are asking that all parents refrain from coaching players during games; this is the coach's job.  It becomes very confusing for players to hear their parents and coaches give instructions at the same time.   If any parent is interested in coaching, please see one of the board members and they will be happy to assist with your request. 

We do encourage you to cheer on your team during a game.   We are also asking that no one stand behind the goals during games.  If you stand behind the goals, you will be asked to move back to the sidelines. 

Also, please be courteous to the referees at all times.  Do not yell at the referees or question any call that they have made.  WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR ANYONE THAT IS CREATING A PROBLEM FOR THE REFEREES, PARENTS OR PLAYERS AND YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE FIELDS IF IT BECOMES A PROBLEM.  These young men and women do a great job for Deer Lakes Youth Soccer and we depend on their services every week.  We believe no one would appreciate it if someone was yelling at their son or daughter who is trying to do their job.  So remember to thank the referees at the end of a game and let them know what a great job they have done.   If you have an issue with any referee, please see your coach, age group commissioner, or any board member.

Thanks and have a great Soccer Season at Deer Lakes!!!!!!!



As a Deer Lakes Soccer Parent, I will:

  • Treat soccer as a "game".
  • Act as a role model for the kids and keep my emotions under control.  
  • Remember these are children playing a game.
  • Make every effort to get my child to practice on time.  
  • Try to get my child to all of the games.  I will always notify the coach when we have to miss a game or practice.  
  • Understand that Deer Lakes Youth Soccer is a "recreational" and developmental club.  The coaches will attempt to provide equal playing time for all players.  
  • Refrain from criticizing the referees who are trying to do their best in a game with very subjective and often misunderstood rules.  
  • Always refrain from sideline coaching.
  • Appreciate that the coaches are volunteers who are donating their time to help my child.  
  • Offer only positive support at the games.  I will emphasize the positive things that my child accomplished, regardless of the outcome of the game. 
  • Remember that my child is playing soccer to learn and to have fun.  

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