Dixie Little League Lubbock: Welcome


Satndings have been updated thru Saturday May 3rd based on the scores that have been reported. Thank You !


The Field Work Day schedule is now available under the "field work day schedule" tab. A copy will be provided to the manager for each team and one will also be posted in the office at Dixie. For questions about field work day please contact Joey Muniga (Coaching Coordinator) @ 806-777-9586


Rain Out Games and Other Cancellations have been Rescheduled!!!!! PLease make note of the changes. Thank You!!

Games Cancelled Date  Teams  Field Division  Rescheduled Date  Time  Field 
Sat 4/11/15 3pm - 5pm  Western vs. Dixie Expos  Dixie 50/70  50/70 Pending 50/70
Mon 4/13/15 6pm  Southwest 2 vs. Dixie Expos  Dixie 50/70 50/70 Pending 50/70
Sat 4/18/15 3pm  Naturals vs. Sun Devils  Dixie Major  Major Wednesday May 6, 2015 6pm  Major
Tue 4/14/15 8pm  Rubber Ducks vs. Naturals  Dixie Major  Major Wednesday May 13, 2015 6pm  Major
Wed 4/8/15 8pm  Naturals vs. Cooper Orioles  Dixie Major  Major Pending     Major
Wed 4/8/15 6pm  Rubber Ducks vs. Southwest Phillies  Dixie Major  Major Pending     Major