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"The desire to win is not enough. We must sacrifice our bodies, our
time, and sometimes even our pride to unite as one. We play with
intelligence and will settle for nothing less. Difficult times may
arise, but resilience in the face of overwhelming obstacles will take us
further then desire ever could. Winning is not the goal...it is the



Friday, February 11

Dixie SC U14 (1997) BoysOYSL “Team J”

Ontario Indoor Cup - 2011


Ontario Indoor Cup Finals took place this past weekend, January29-30, 2011 at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan. The Dixie Athletics under 14Boys OYSL “Team J” were named Provincial Champions in indoor soccer withexciting round robin action on Saturday, culminating in Semi-Final and finalgames on Sunday.

The boys played 4 games on Saturday in the group stages with somestiff competition coming from both The Thunder Bay Chill and The Erin MillsEagles.

The Semi-Final on Sunday featured The Brampton East Red Devilsagainst The Dixie Athletics. “From the very start of the game, it becameapparent that this would be a tight match. Defense was the name of the game,with both teams holding strong in the midfield. The first half ended scoreless.Early in the second half, Dixie broke away with a two on one, but the shotdramatically hit the post. The second half saw much of the same action as thefirst, with both teams playing a strong defense. The score remained at 0 - 0until the clock ran out, causing the game to go to kicks from the penalty mark. Dixie wins 4 - 3 on kicks from the penalty mark”– OSA website.

The Final matched The Dixie Athletics Team J against the NorthYork Armour Heights Knights. Having played their way through a group stage andSemi-Final, both teams were primed and ready for a win. The game startedstrong, with both teams fighting for a goal, but Dixie came out stronger in thefirst half. With a couple of chances at the goal, neither team was able tocapitalize, ending the half at 0 - 0. The second half started out much the sameas the first, until the 8th minute, when Dixie scored on acrossed pass in front of the goal. This lone goal would prove to be allnecessary to secure the game and the provincial title, as The Dixie Athleticswon the game 1-0. The boys had to play the final without Marcus Anderson whomhad been injured in The Semi-finals and had dedicated the championship game totheir injured teammate from the start.

The boys are proud to achieve such a distinguished accomplishmentas “The Ontario Cup Champions”.

The Coaching staff starting with Debbie Carvalho, Tony Carvalho,Slavo Kostolani and Jad Samra would like to say thanks to everyone involved fortheir hard work in attaining this goal.

For additional information on team activities please contact theteam manager Debbie Carvalho @ dixieboys97@hotmail.ca

2011 Ontario Cup Champions