New Mexico District 8: Welcome



Congratulation to Eastdale's 9-10 Baseball team for winning the New Mexico State title.

Gaeton Falance, New Mexico Little League District 8 Administrator, welcomes you to the NM District 8 website. 

Congratulations to Paradise Hills Little League Baseball team for taking the State title and moving on to the regionals in Waco, TX starting on August 7th. Follow their progress in the tournament here.



The results for the Junior Baseball Regional tournament can be found in the handout section in the 2015 SW Regional.



Congratulations to our 2015 District 8 Softball Champions:

9-10 Softball - Petroglyph Little League

Little League Softball - Paradise Hills Little League

Junior Softball - Alameda Little League

Senior Softball – Petroglyph Little League (Sundevils)

Congratulations to our 2015 District 8 Baseball Champions:

9-10 Baseball - Eastdale Little League

10-11 Baseball - Eastdale Little League

Little League Baseball - Paradise Hills Little League

Junior Baseball - Petroglyph Little League


Baseball Tournament:

Check out the 2015 District 8 Tournament Brackets for individual tournament dates and times.

The State tournament brackets are available on the NMDAA web-site.

Follow this link - State Tournament Brackets

Petroglyph Little League is hosting the following state tournaments -

Junior Softball State - Final - starting July 10

Little League  Softball -1st round (D1, D4, D7 and D8) - Starting July 10

Little League Softball - 2nd round (Final) - Starting July 17

9-10 Softball -1st round (D1, D4, and D8) - Starting July 17

9-10 Softball - 2nd round (Final) - Starting July 24 

 Congratulations goes out to a few of our very own District 8 Umpires who have been selected to umpire in Regional Tournaments! 

Bill Byer - Southwestern Junior Baseball - Rio Rancho, NM

Dr. Joe Wilson - Southwestern Junior Baseball - Rio Rancho, NM

Dave Rast - Southwestern Little League Baseball - Waco, TX

Barbara Stilwell - Southwestern Little League Softball - Waco,TX

And Congratulations to our very own District 8 Umpire who will be at the Little League World Series!

John Sapien - Little League World Series - Williamsport, PA

Good luck lady and gentlemen! Make District 8 proud!

      Little League International has placed a Moratorium on the use of Composite Bats for all Baseball Divisions of Little League Baseball.

                   New Mexico Little League Umpire Association (NMLLUA).
       Did you know there is an umpire association in the state of New Mexico to support, encourage, and train Little League Umpires?
        We are proud to announce the formation of the first ever state of New Mexico Little League Umpire Association. This association is open to all volunteer Little League umpires (baseball and softball) throughout New Mexico.
       If you are interested in joining, please click on "Handouts" from the menu on
the left side of the Homepage. Download the membership application form. Complete
the membership form and send it to the address provided on the form for processing.  

 New for 2014:  Players will be eligible to play for league only if they reside or the physical location of the school where they attend classes is within the boundaries. The complete rule can be found here. Proof of school attendance must show attendance on or before October 1, 2014, for 2015 season.

  Little League uses the following LEAGUE AGE DATES for Baseball and Girls Softball for the 2015 Season:
                   BASEBALL - December 31, 2015
    Whatever Age the Player is on that Date, is his/her Baseball League Age Date
    for the 2015 Little League Baseball Season for all players born after 2006.

There is a three year transition for returning players with a birth date between May 1 and December 31, born before or during 2006. See the Little League website for more information.  

                   GIRLS SOFTBALL - December 31, 2014
    Whatever Age the Girl is on that Date, is her Softball League Age Date
    for the 2015 Little League Girls Softball Season.

    Players must be at least 4-years-old by December 31,2015 for the 2015 Season to be eligible to play Little League Baseball or Girls Softball.
    Parents must provide an Original Birth Certificate and Proof-of-Residency or school attendance documentation.

    Below are the individual
    District 8 Little League Boundaries.
    NOTE: Parents or Legal Guardians
            MUST live or attend a school within a League's Boundaries
            for the child to be eligible to play.


Our League's boundaries are:

East boundary - Interstate 25 South boundary - From Interstate 25, Osuna Road to 4th Street From 4th to Rio Grande Blvd - Green Valley Road From Rio Grande Blvd to the Rio Grande – Roadrunner Road From the Rio Grande to Golf Course Road – Paseo Del Norte

West Boundary - Golf Course Road

North Boundary - Rio Rancho city limit to the "old" Sandoval County Line continuing along the Sandia Pueblo Reservation to I-25

Our Field location is 8536 Alameda Park Drive, Albuquerque, NM

          Our League's boundaries are:
          North of High Resort Blvd to Broadway.
          Broadway to Northern.
          Northern to Unser.
          Everything North of Northern and
          East of Highway 528, including Corrales.

          Our League's boundaries are:
          The Town of Bernalillo limits, including the communities of
          Placitas, Algodones, El Llanito and Pena Blanca.
          The Pueblos of Jemez, Zia, Sandia, Santa Anna, San Felipe,
          Sandia, Santo Domingo and Cochiti.

          Our League's boundaries are:
          BETWEEN Wyoming Blvd NE and Eubank Blvd NE;
          NORTH of Menaul Blvd NE to Paseo del Norte NE;
          NORTH of Paseo del Norte NE to Elena NE
          BETWEEN Holbrook St NE and Louisiana Blvd NE.
          Note: SOUTH of Paseo del Norte NE on Holbrook St NE only.
          The Quintessence area is NOT in our League's boundaries.

          E-mail address:
          Our League's boundaries are:
          North boundary: From I-25, Osuna Road to 4th St.,
          From 4th St., Green Valley Rd. to Rio Grande Blvd.,
          From Rio Grande Blvd., Roadrunner Rd. to the Rio Grande River
          West boundary: Rio Grande River
          South boundary: From the Rio Grande River, Central Ave. to Broadway Blvd.
          From Broadway Blvd. to I-40 - From I-40 to I-25 - East boundary: I-25
         4007 Edith NE / Albuquerque, NM 87107        

          Our League's boundaries are:
          Boundaries are the Bernalillo County line to the North and to the West.
          Paseo Del Norte to the South, and
          Golf Course Road to the East.
          Our League Boundaries are as follows:
          North Boundary:          Bernalillo County Line
          West Boundary:          Bernalillo County Line
          South Boundary:          Paseo Del Norte NW
          East Boundary:          Golf Course NW
          Visit our website for more details:

          Our League's boundaries are:
          Boundaries are Paseo Del Norte on the North,
          Western Trails on the South,
          the Rio Grande river on the East, and
          the Albuquerque city limits on the West.

          Field Location: 5815 high resort, Rio Rancho NM 87124
          Our League's boundaries are:
          West of State Highway 528 to Sara Road
          to Broodmore to Northern to Unser to State Highway 550.
          Our League website is
          Our League's boundaries are:
       Paseo Del Vulcan NW on the West to Interstate 40.
       Rio Grande River on the East.
       National Monument west of Atrisco.
       Western Trail NW east of Atrisco.
       South of Insterstate 40 on Unser Blvd to Central Ave.
       South of Interstate 40 on Palisades to Central Ave.

For additional information about a League's Registration,
please click on one of the League links below.

Alameda Little League
          Cibola Little League
          Coronado Little League
          Eastdale Little League
          North Valley Little League
          Paradise Hills Little League
          Petroglyph Little League
          Sunset Little League
          West Mesa Little League

From the Safety Code for Little League
Regulations prohibit on-deck batters.
This means no player should handle a bat, even while in an enclosure,
    until it is his/her time at bat.
This applies only to Little League Majors, Minor League, Rookies, and Tee Ball.”
The umpires are instructed to allow a player when he/she comes to bat
    to take some practice swings if they ask permission so long as they are
    not purposefully trying to delay the game. A warning will be issued to
    the manager for violating the above rule and a player is subject to ejection
    if they continue to swing bats other than at the plate. If you have any
    questions regarding this rule, please contact your League’s Chief Umpire
    or any member of our District 8 Umpire Staff;
          Bruce Dinkel, Marc Guggino, or Barbara Stilwell.

The Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge
I will teach all children to play and do their best.
I will positively support all managers, coaches and players.
I will respect the decisions of the umpires.
I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game.

    The Little League Pledge
I trust in God.
I love my country and will respect its laws.
I will play fair and strive to win, but win or lose
I will always do my best.