California District 37 Little League: Past District 37 All Star Champions

Friday, July 1

1958          HAWTHORNE (AS DISTRICT 28) - At the Section 4 Tournament, Hawthorne lost to Los Altos 5-4 in the first round.

1959          SPORTSMAN (INGLEWOOD/EAST LENNOX) - In the Section 5 Tournament, Sportsman beat Compton Western and Premier before defeating South Redondo 2-0 in the title game. At the Divisional; Tournament held in Sanat Ana, Sportsman lost their first game to La Puente National 9-8.

1960          UNKNOWN

1961          HAWTHORNE AMERICAN - Lost in Sectionals

1962          HAWTHORNE AMERICAN - Lost in Sectionals

1963          HAWTHORNE AMERICAN - Lost in Sectionals

1964          UNKNOWN 

1965          INGLEWOOD LADERA - After winning the Section 6 Championship, Ladera lost its first round game to Lompoc National 9-5. 

1966         COMPTON AMERICAN (as District 28) - Won their first game at Divisionals against San Fernando San Val 9-0, lost the championship game to Huntington Beach Ocean View 2-1.

1967-69   UNKNOWN

1970 -       COMPTON AMERICAN (as District 28) - Lost first game at Divisionals 6-3 to El Monte National 

1973          HAWTHORNE WISEBURN NATIONAL - Wiseburn won the Section 5 championship and at Divisionals won their quater- final game over Covina National 1-0 in 9 innings before losing to Sacramento Pacific 3-2 in the semis. 

1974          UNKNOWN

1975          HAWTHORNE AVIATION - After becoming Setion 1 champs, Aviation lost their first game at Divisionals to Northeast Garden Grove 8-7. 

1976          HOLLY PARK - Holly Park captured the Section 3 championship and at Divisionals won their quarter-final game against Long Beach Hawaiian Gardens before falling to Santa Ana Northeast 5-1 in the semis. 

1977-78     UNKNOWN

1979          LADERA - Ladera won the Section 3 tournament and went to Divisionals losing their first game to Mexicali (Mexico) 1-0.

1980          DEL REY AMERICAN - In the Section 3 Tournament, Del Rey defeated Central Redondo, North Torrance East 4-3 and Rolling Hills 6-2 in the title game. At the Divisonals, hosted by Montclair, Del Rey lost their first game to La Mirada 5-0.

1981          LADERA - After capturing the Section 3 title, Ladera advanced to Divsionals defeating North Hollywood 3-1 in the quarter-finals and squeaking past Irvine North 3-2 in the semis before losing to Escondido National 7-5 in the title game.

1982          LADERA - Lost in Sectionals eventually won by North Torrance. No scores were available.

1983          HOLLY PARK - District 37 champs Holly Park lost their first game in Sectionals to Culver City National 9-0 before rebounding to eliminate Central Redondo 3-2 in 7 innings, then fell to eventual Divison champ Victoria Park (Carson) 2-0.

1984          LENNOX - Lennox won their first District 37 champuionship. They defeated Central Redondo at Sectionals before losing to Carson and being eliminated by Section champ 3 Culver City.

1985          LADERA - At Sectionals, Ladera beat Torrance National 5-3, Culver City 6-5 in 8 innings and then defeated Rolling Hills 8-2 for the title. At Divisionals, North Hollywood knocked Ladera off 8-3 in the quarter-finals.

1986          LADERA - In the Section 3 tournament, Ladera lost its first game to Beverly Hills American then went on to eliminate El Segundo 7-6 in 12 innings, eliminate Beverly Hills American 7-3 before losing to Torrance National 12-0 in the title game.

1987          BELL GARDENS SOUTH STAR - Lost in Sectionals won by El Segundo.

1988          LADERA - At the Section 3 tournament, Ladera defeated North Redondo 4-3, Culver City 9-2 and San Pedro Eastview 12-10 in the championship game. The Section 3 Champs then lost their opening round game at Divisonals to Long Beach Plaza 2-0 and were eliminated by Northridge National 10-2.

1989          LADERA - Seeking to make amends, Ladera was eliminated in 2 games at Sectionals by El Segundo and then North Venice.

1990          LADERA - Making their 3rd straight Sectionals appearence, Ladera lost in the tournament won by Culver City.

1991          VICTORY PARK - COMPTON - Compton won the Section 3 Tournament by defeating Torrance 5-4, Culver City American 4-2 and El Segundo 14-10 in 9 innings to secure the championship. At Divisionals, Compton won their first round game 11-7 over San Bernadino Newmark, beat Santa Fe Springs Metropolitan 5-4 in 7 innings in the winner's bracket semi-final game, lost the winners's bracket final 14-5 to El Cajon American, shutout Santa Fe Springs Metropolitan 10-0, earning a return match against El Cajon American, losing 11-1 in the title game. 

1992          VICTORY PARK - COMPTON - Compton earned a return to Sections where they defeated Rolling Hills 7-2, San Pedro Eastview 5-3 before losing to Eastview in the title game.

1993          SPORTSMAN - Won Sectionals (no scores available). At Divisonals, Sportsman beat East Barstow 3-2 in the opening round, lost to Woodland Hills Sunrise 12-4, then was eliminated by West Covina American 8-5 in 7 innings.

1994          SPORTSMAN - Won Sectionals (no scores available). In Divisonal play, Sportsman lost its opening round game to Vista National 8-7 and was eliminated by Orcutt National 4-1 in their next game.

1995          HOLLY PARK - Lost in Sectionals, won by Culver City. No scores available.

1996          HOLLY PARK - Lost in Sectionals to Culver City and Central Redondo. No scores available.

1997          NORTH INGLEWOOD - Inglewood lost its first game to Manhatten Beach 10-0 before rebounding to eliminate North Torrance 13-3 before being eliminated themselves by Playa Vista 7-6 in Sectional play.

1998          DEL REY AMERICAN - Lost in Sectionals to Lomita 1-0 and eliminated by Playa Vista.

1999          DEL REY AMERICAN - Their second trip to Sections proved a better experience. Del Rey won its opening game 5-4 over El Segundo. Del Rey then lost to Torrance 7-3 then eliminated Sanat Monica East before being eliminated by Torrance 4-1 in the title game.

2000          SPORTSMAN - Sportsman captured the Section 3 Tournament by defeating Santa Monica West 6-5, Lunada Bay 8-5 and then beating Lunada Bay again in the title game 8-7. At Divisionals, Sportsman didn't fair so well,. losing their first 2 games, 5-1 to Singing Hills and 6-0 to Pomona American.

2001          WESTCHESTER - In Sectionals, Westchester lost its oprning game to Long Beach 3-0 before bouncing back to eliminate West Torrance 4-0, eliminate North Venice 4-2, and then being eliminated by Palos Verdes 1-0 in 13 innings.

2002          LADERA - Ladera started strong, defeating Manhatten Beach before falling to Long Beach 8-6. They then went on to eliminate North Torrance 9-4 but then fell to Long Beach again in the championship game 10-2.

2003          TRI PARK - Marking their first trip to Sectionals, Tri Park began the tournament with a 9-3 victory over West Los Angeles, But it was not to be as they lost their next 2 games to Long Beach, 6-2, and Torrance 5-4.

2004          WESTCHESTER - Westchester had the inside track at Sectionals, going undefeated in the winners bracket by beating Lakewood 6-0 and West Los Angeles 8-4. But the wheels came off as they lost both championship games to San Pedro Eastview by scores of 5-3 in 7 innings and 11-1.

2005          HOLLY PARK - At Sectional, Holly Park got out of the gate well with a 4-3 victory over El Segundo. They then lost their next 2 games to Long Beach, 11-0, and 6-1 to Torrance.

2006          LADERA - Lost in Sectionals by losing their first 2 games to Santa Monica East 9-3 and Long Beach 14-4.

2007          DEL REY AMERICAN - Del Rey lost in the Section 4 Tournament. They won their first game against Silver Spur 3-0 before losing to West Los Angeles 8-6 and San Pedro Eastview 9-3.

2008          HOLLY PARK - Lost their first 2 games in Section 4 to Torrance 8-3 and Culver City 10-6.

2009          WESTCHESTER - In Section 4 play, Westchester defeated City of Angels, then lost to Torrance before being eliminated by El Segundo. No scores were available.

2010          HOLLY PARK - In Section 4, Holly Park got off with a win in their first game versus San Pedro Eastview, 4-3, but lost their next 2 to El Segundo, 3-1, and West Los Angeles 10-6.

2011          WESTCHESTER - Advanced to the Section tournament but lost their first 2 games to Ladera and to Torrance 8-2. 

2012           DEL REY AMERICAN - At Sectionals, won their first game 12-0 over West Los Angeles, lost the 2nd game 8-3 to El Segundo and were eliminated by West Los Angeles 11-4. 

2012           DISTRICT 37 BIG LEAGUE SOFTBALL - Section 4 Champs, Division III Champs, Western Region Champs


2014          WESTCHESTER - Swept in 2 games at Sectionals. Defeated by San Perdo East View in the first game and outlasted by West Los Angeles 12-11 in the 2nd game.