District 21: Safety

Sunday, December 9
District 21 views the safety of our players, coaches, and fans a NUMBER 1 concern. All leagues are required to provide a Safety Plan that is submitted to Little League. Click on the image above for information on the LL Safety program.
FACT Sheet from PA on tne new law concerning volunteers. 
Criminal Check Verification Form to be signed by all volunteers in PA. 
Volunteer Form - all volunteers MUST fill this form out EVERY YEAR and it must be re-checked annually. 
Guide to Protection - A document put out by Little League to assist with identifcation of possible problems and to protect our league's children. 
Lexis Nexis Background CHECK - All leagues are required to review their coaches using the system provided by Little League.
State Specific Concussion Information LLI released a statement regarding Concussions in Youth Athletes. Click the following link for ful details.  
Who do i need to check and why? - use this guideline to confirm you are doing an exhaustive review of your league.

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