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Tuesday, February 5
Background Check Info
We want to ensure all families that Little League Baseball/Softball is committed to having reviewed all individuals involved with your sons and daughters. Little League requires a background on every adult interacting with children EVERY year this must be submitted to the league. Coaches, assistant coaches, board members, those helping out are all required to fill out the Little League Volunteer form and submit this to the league appointed board member. The league uses a background checking service provided by Little League (Lexis/Nexis) that provides any and all criminal activity for a person. This information is used exclusively to protect the players and not used in any other way. If you have any questions regarding this please contact any of the board members. If you also find a person assisting who may not have had clearance we invite you to check with us and make us aware. We take the well-being of all the players and families seriously.

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