District 21: Rules & Eligibility

Use your Rule Books! The Majors, Junior and Senior Divisions should be using the 2015 Little League Rule book. If you are having problems with an opposing team and can not resolve them please contact your coordinator/director for further direction.

Interleague - all teams participatign in district scheduled games are requried to play all games in order to be considered for District Playoffs, please click on the links for District 21 Softball and Baseball.   

Baseball Rules Clarifications-click here 

Softball Intermediate Minors (A) - click here!

Softball Minors (8-10) - click here!

Softball Minors (B) - click here!

Softball Pee-Wee/Transitional - click here! 

Majors/Juniors/Seniors Softball Rule Clarifications-click here! 

Bats- it is the responsibility of the coach for players to have LL certified bats, use the link to check bats. If you consider a bat questiable supply the paperwork to the umpire in order for it to be qualified.


 Little League is available to all children. District 21 maintains and encourages all children to register for the sport in their designated area. Each league has boundaries that provide the area that players are allowed to play. Please check the leagues page for boundaries.

Proof of Age is required for all players, if you are unable to come up with your Birth Certificcate please go to Vital Check to have one created.  

League Age calculator  - use this link to confirm the 'league age' of each player

Roster   - review this for rosters

Waivers for people who have moved, these MUST be signed by league president  district to be considered.

Regulation II(d) Form - used if playing outside of boundary

Regulation IV(h) Waiver claim form -  moved outside of boundaries after being a participant

Regulation V(a) Waiver for 12 y/olds -  allow 12 y/olds to play in Minor Division

Application for Special Games - playing between teams in different leagues needs this approval 

League Roster update- All leagues are required to update their board and team/player info by April 15, please click on the link and update your records accordingly.

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