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Tuesday, July 18

2017 TOC Champions

6-9 Baseball - Temple City National Nationals 

8-11 Baseball - East Alhambra Seminoles 

Major Baseball - Temple City National Dodgers

Junior Baseball - South Pasadena - Schroeder's

6-9 Softball - Alhambra American Sun Devils

8-11 Softball - South El Monte Glory

Major Softball - South El Monte Glory

Junior Softball - South Pasadena



6-8 Softball - South El Monte 

8-10 Softball - South Pasadena *** 2nd in State

Major Softball - South El Monte *** 2nd in State

Junior Softball - Los Angeles *** 3rd in State 




6-7-8 Baseball - El Monte National 

8-9-10 Baseball - Northeast LA - Eliminated in Section

9-10-11 Baseball - South Pasadena - Eliminated in Section

Major Baseball - Temple City National - Eliminated in Section 

Junior Baseball - South Pasadena - Eliminated in Section

Senior Baseball - East Alhambra *** Eliminated in State

*** Section III Champions - Advancing to State Championship



Friday, April 14
How District 18 Started

1952 - The first city to join Little League Baseball was South Pasadena National Little League.

1953 - California District 18 was established under the leadership of District Administrator Jim Hamilton. That year San Gabriel American, San Gabriel National, San Gabriel Eastern and Sunnyslope Little League established programs.

1954 - Was a big year as six more leagues including Temple City American and Temple City National joined District 18. In 1958 Roy Praisler took over as the District 18 Administrator.

I961 - Mr. Praisler decided he needed an assistant to help him with the operation of the fast growing District 18. He decided to appoint a young league president from Temple City National Little League to be the Assistant District 18 Administrator, that person was Al Millham. Al Millham held the position of Assistant District Administrator until 1966 when he was elected as the District Administrator for District 18, a position he held for 28 years.

At that time in 1966, the International Little League program had grown to include more than 1,600,000 players. In that same year a future District 18 Administrator, Milan Mrakich, was born in Temple City, California.

During Al Millhams administration, District 18 grew from having only Little League Baseball to include Junior, Senior and Big League Baseball as well as all divisions of softball.

1984 - Al Millham was elected for a three year term by his peers to the most prestigious honor of serving in the highest capacity a District Administrator can serve – as the representative of the Western Region on the Little League Baseball International Board of Directors in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Two years later in 1986 there were more than 2.5 million Little Leaguers playing worldwide.

1994 - Al Millham retired as District 18 Administrator  and appointed long time assistant Milan Mrakich to become District 18 Administrator.

Today, within District 18 there are 12 Little Leagues representing over five thousand youngsters in all divisions of baseball and softball annually and throughout the world there are over three million children on six continents playing in the Little League program.

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