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Saturday, November 10
2012 All District 15 Players

All-District Honorees


DIVISION 1 - 1st Team

DIVISION 1 - 2nd Team


Staci Bennett, Fairmont, 12

Baylee Johnson, Centerville, 10

Allee Johnson, Centerville, 12

Cheyenne Jones, Fairmont, 12

Vanessa Lay, Lebanon, 12

Tatum Marshall, Butler, 12

Ashley Wenz, Springboro, 11


Carly Butler, Little Miami, 12

Victoria Collins, Lebanon, 11

Kellie DiNapoli, Beavercreek, 12

Megan Hageman, Fairmont, 11

Amber O'Quin, Miamisburg, 12

Shannon Schlater, Northmont, 12

Rachel Sopczak, Stebbins, 12

DIVISION 1 - Honorable Mention

Sarah Chaltry, Beavercreek, 12

Kristin DiNapoli, Beavercreek, 11

Abby Hall, Butler, 12

Rachel Stogdill, Butler, 11

Jenna Collins, Centerville, 11

Erin Riddiford, Centerville, 11

Maggie Schutter, Centerville, 11

Kasey McCall, Edgewood, 11

Kathryn Vogel, Edgewood, 12

Kara Manzo, Fairmont, 12

Natalie Uy, Fairmont, 12

Brooke Westbeld, Fairmont, 9

Gracen Howard, Lebanon, 11

Morgan Stegemiller, Lebanon, 10

Carly Bieler, Little Miami, 11

Sarah Tosh, Little Miami, 12

Annie Drury, Miamisburg, 10

Hannah Reed, Miamisburg, 12

Kennedey Schmidt, Northmont, 10

Jordan Stoltz, Northmont, 12

Jenny DeGraaf, Springboro, 12

Allie Petri, Springboro, 11

Stephanie Guthrie, Stebbins, 12

Paige Rogers, Stebbins, 12

Elizabeth Collins, Wayne, 12

Courtney Mason, Wayne, 12

Brianna Reynolds, West Carrollton, 12

Samantha Stidham, West Carrollton, 12


DIVISION 2 - 1st Team

DIVISION 2 - 2nd Team


Maddie Bazelak, Alter, 10

Sara Crotty, Alter, 11

Heidi Hess, Chaminade Julienne, 12

Grace Kauth, Chaminade Julienne, 12

Samantha Streibick, Monroe, 12

Rachel Vidourek, Talawanda, 12

Elle Wilson, Oakwood, 12


Ali Lamb, Oakwood, 12

Dana Lohrey, Talawanda, 11

Mary Rodehaver, Alter, 11

Chelsea Shanklin, Monroe, 12

Beth Stumpf, Chaminade Julienne, 10

Kasey Uetrecht, Clinton-Massie, 11

Jessica Weston, Bellbrook, 12

DIVISION 2 - Honorable Mention

Claire Houser, Alter, 12

Abby Rodgers, Alter, 12

Natalie Seiler, Alter, 11

Rachel Van Fleet, Bellbrook, 11

Hannah Scott, Bellbrook, 11

Noel Cain, Carroll, 12

Casey Hobbs, Carroll, 12

Samantha Cudney, Chaminade Julienne, 11

Anna Kroger, Chaminade Julienne, 12

Haleigh Shaw, Chaminade Julienne, 10

Brittany Smith, Clinton-Massie, 12


Kylie Davis, Clinton-Massie, 12

Alyson Hood, Eaton, 12

Julia Titus, Eaton, 9

Holly Richardson, Monroe, 11

Kayla Mulvihill, Monroe, 12

Kate Hochwalt, Oakwood, 12

Abby Coyle, Oakwood, 11

Laura DeWitt, Talawanda, 12

Meghan Bruder, Talawanda, 12

Chelsea Anderson, Trotwood-Madison, 11

Jasmine Ward, Trotwood-Madison, 11


All-District Honorees

DIVISION 3 - 1st Team


DIVISION 3 - 2nd Team

Sydney Beck, Bishop Fenwick, 12

Kelsey Cottingim, Preble Shawnee, 12

Maria Gaston, Bishop Fenwick, 12

Megan Johnson, Tri-County North, 12

Kelly Schriever, Tri-County North, 12

Sydney Scherer, Brookville, 11

Megan Tolson, Dayton Christian, 12


Jordan Endres, Fenwick, 12

Katie Honeywell, Dixie, 10

Tiffan Jordan, National Trail, 12

Reagan Ney, Dayton Christian, 12

Kasey Parrish, Waynesville, 12

Kendra Vanover, Tri-County North, 11

Abby Woodard, Preble Shawnee, 10

DIVISION 3 - Honorable Mention


Allie Miller, Bishop Fenwick, 11

Nicolette Fiessinger, Bishop Fenwick, 11

Taylor Smith, Bishop Fenwick, 12

Hailee Loughman, Brookville, 10

Cheyanne Reed, Carlisle, 11

Maggie Sorrell, Carlisle, 12

Savannah Winfield, Dayton Christian, 12

Hannah Kockentiet, Dayton Christian, 11

Abby Bertke, Dixie, 10

Kristin Hauser, Dixie, 12

Hope Hurd, Preble Shawnee, 12

Emily Walker, Preble Shawnee, 10

Carly Whitaker, Tri-County North, 11

Kara Simpson, Tri-County North, 10

Rachel Fedor, Waynesville, 12

Kate Deaton, National Trail, 11


DIVISION 4 - 1st Team

DIVISION 4 - 2nd Team

Gentry Gates, Twin Valley South, 11

Morgan Haak, Miami Valley School, 12

Ryan Carr, Miami Valley School, 12


Macy Merle, Miami Valley School, 12

Paris Gruber, Twin Valley South, 11

Victoria Maurer, Miami Valley School, 10

DIVISION 4 - Honorable Mention


Penny Gilliote, Miami Valley School, 12

Laura Schear, Miami Valley School, 10

Kaylee Johnson, Twin Valley South, 11

Caitlyn Meyers, Twin Valley South, 10

Monday, November 5
District 15 Senior All Star Match

Who: District 15 Senior All Stars 

When: Sunday November 11th at 1:00 PM

Where: Fairmont High School Trent Areana

 3301 Shroyer Road
Kettering, Ohio 45429

Awards to be given out at the end of the 1st round of play.

Friday, August 3
August Meeting

When: Sunday August 19th at 5 PM

Where: Alter High School cafeteria

Please Note:

In order to nominate your players and vote at our all-district meeting in October, you must comply with the following membership requirements:

1) Attend both the August and October meetings (you may send a representative if you are unable to attend; you may NOT have another district 15 coach who is attending for THEIR school also attend on your behalf)

2) You must pay your $25 membership dues BEFORE September 19, 2012 - you can bring payment to our August meeting (cash, or check payable to District 15 volleyball coaches' association)

3) You must bring copies to the october meeting of nomination forms for ALL players you are nominating for all-district and/or senior all-star

District 15 Senior All Star Match

What: District 15 Senior All-Star Match

When: Sunday November 13th 2011   2:30 - 4:30 PM

Where: Lebanon High School

District 15 All Stars 2011

All-District Honorees

DIVISION 1 - 1st Team


DIVISION 1 - 2nd Team

Janna Krafka, Centerville, SR

Vanessa Lay, Lebanon, JR

Carri Kapaku, Beavercreek, SR

Cheyenne Jones, Fairmont, JR

Whitney Barfknecht, Butler, SR

Mandee Ehrlich, Lebanon, SR

Jenna Collins, Miamisburg, SO

Heather Siefker, Lebanon, SR

Baylee Johnson, Centerville, FR

Staci Bennett, Fairmont, JR

Courtney Leitsinger, Springboro, SR

Carrie Burger, Beavercreek, SR

Alyssa Ryerse, Butler, SR

Sydne Benge, Centerville, SR

DIVISION 1 - Honorable Mention


Kellie DiNapoli, Beavercreek, JR

Brielle Saylor, Beavercreek, SO

Abby Hall, Butler, JR

Tatum Marshall, Butler, JR

Sarah Burtenshaw, Centerville, SR

Allee Johnson, Centerville, JR

Maggie Schutter, Centerville, SO

Amanda Hobbs, Edgewood, SR

Bethany Kelly, Edgewood, SR

Natalie Uy, Fairmont, JR

Chelsea Welch, Fairmont, JR

Victoria Collins, Lebanon, SO

Megan Jones, Lebanon, SR

Katelyn Tropp, Lebanon, SR

Kendra Gephart, Little Miami, SR

Amber O'Quinn, Miamisburg, JR

Coree Wheeler, Miamisburg, SR

Alana Focht, Northmont, SR

Shannon Schlater, Northmont, JR

Jenny DeGraaf, Springboro, JR

Ashley Wenz, Springboro, SO

Paige Rogers, Stebbins, JR

Rachel Sopczak, Stebbins, JR


DIVISION 2 - 1st Team


DIVISION 2 - 2nd Team

Megan Courtney, Alter, SR

Kristen Kaiser, Alter, SR

Grace Kauth, Chaminade Julienne, JR

Heather Saunier, Oakwood, SR

Samantha Streibick, Monroe, JR

Emma Stumpf, Chaminade Julienne, SR

Rachel Vidourek, Talawanda, JR


Maddie Bazelak, Alter, FR

Meghan Bruder, Talawanda, JR

Sara Crotty, Alter, SO

Kelly Epperson, Valley View, SR

Heidi Hess, Chaminade Julienne, JR

Meaghan Malloy, Oakwood, SR

Michael Peacock, Bellbrook, SR



DIVISION 2 - Honorable Mention


Mary Rodehaver, Alter, SO

Abby Rodgers, Alter, JR

Natalie Seiler, Alter, SO

Alexa Villaquiran, Bellbrook, SR

Jessica Weston, Bellbrook, JR

Dorothy Dabrielle Stevens, Carroll, SR

Autumn Wright, Carroll, JR

Samantha Cudney, Chaminade Julienne, SO

Anna Kroger, Chaminade Julienne, JR

Haleigh Shaw, Chaminade Julienne, FR

Cari Reveal, Clinton-Massie, SR


Kasey Uetrecht, Clinton-Massie, SO

Kayla Mulvihill, Monroe, JR

Holly Richardson, Monroe, SO

Emily Kugel, Oakwood, SR

Kaila Ryan, Oakwood, SR

Amanda Bays, Talawanda, JR

Maggie Johnson, Talawanda, SR

Antonia Moore, Trotwood-Madison, JR

Kyra Williams, Trotwood-Madison, JR

Katie Epperson, Valley View, SR

Melissa Mireles, Valley View, SO


DIVISION 3 - 1st Team


DIVISION 3 - 2nd Team

Megan Johnson, Tri-County North, JR

Tori Letner, Brookville, SR

Morgan Schlatter, Dayton Christian, SR

Rebecca Thiem, Madison, SR

Kristin Thompson, Bishop Fenwick, SR

Casey Volz, Bishop Fenwick, SR

Katie Woodard, Preble Shawnee, SR


Tymika Maupins, Dayton Christian, SR

Kelly Schriever, Tri-County North, JR

Sydney Scherer, Brookville, SO

Katie Whitaker, Tri-County North, SR

Sydney Beck, Bishop Fenwick, JR

Kelsey Cottingim, Preble Shawnee, JR

Ciara Bates, Dixie, SR



DIVISION 3 - Honorable Mention


Jordan Endres, Bishop Fenwick, JR

Maria Gaston, Bishop Fenwick, JR

Jackie Purcell, Bishop Fenwick, SR

Kelsey Limbert, Brookville, SR

Hailey Shilt, Brookville, SR

Megan Tolson, Dayton Christian, JR

Bekah Wright, Dayton Christian, SR

Joella Smith, Dixie, SO

Amie Woodgeard, Dixie, SR


Mikayla Daniel, Madison, SR

Abby Jerger, Madison, SR

Leah Mertz, Preble Shawnee, SR

Abby Woodard, Preble Shawnee, FR

Kindra Mullins, Tri-County North, SR

Mallorie Ullery, Tri-County North, SR

Callisa Dahnke, Waynesville, SR

Kasey Parrish, Waynesville, JR



DIVISION 4 - 1st Team


DIVISION 4 - 2nd Team

Jordan Hickey, Twin Valley South, SR

Shavonne Stanek, Miami Valley School, SR




DIVISION 4 - Honorable Mention


Gentry Gates, Twin Valley South, SO

Mai Grivhan, Miami Valley School, SO

Katherine Leach, Twin Valley South, SR

Macy Merle, Miami Valley School, JR



District 15 Coaches of the year 2011

Congratulations to the following coaches

Division 1 - Tim Mersch, Lebanon

Division 2 - Dennis Hale, Chaminade Julienne

Division 3 - Chad Aukerman, Tri-County North

Member Schools


Beavercreek, Belmont, Butler, Centerville, Colonel White, Edgewood, Fairmont, Lebanon, Little Miami, Meadowdale, Miamisburg, Northmont, Springboro, Stebbins, Trotwood-Madision, Wayne, West Carrollton, Xenia



Alter, Bellbrook, Carroll, Chaminade-Julienne, Clinton-Massie, Dunbar, Eaton, Franklin, Lemon-Monroe, Oakwood, Ross, Stivers, Talawanda, Valley View, Wilmington



Brookville, Carlisle, Dayton Christian, Dixie, Fenwick, Madison, National Trail, Northridge, Preble Shawnee, Tri-County North, Waynesville



Jefferson, Miami Valley School, Twin Valley South