District 1 & 11: Welcome

Sunday, June 5
Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball Districts I and 11

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June 24 Ozone and AAA Districts 



Dixie Youth is participating with USA BaseBall concerning the bats used in youth baseball in all organized leagues. View the release here




      DuringTournament play remember GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.

The following message is from William Wade, State Director Dixie Youth Baseball 

Tournament Team Managers/Coaches removed by the Umpire from Sub-district, District, Area or State Tournaments for “un-sportsman like actions”, excluding rules situations where the Manager/Coach does not commit “ un-sportsman like actions” (such as the “squaring to bunt and then hitting away”,“bat wind-milling ”, “ player not showing up for tournament game rules”) are automatically removed from their next tournament game and that Manager/Coach cannot be replaced during this one game suspension. A second offense by the same Manager/Coach in the same tournament will result in the immediate permanent replacement of that Manager/Coach for the remainder of the current tournament season. If the game in question is the final game of that level of tournament play, the suspension will carry over for that individual Manager/Coach provided his/her team wins and advances to the next level, otherwise the rule will be enforced the following tournament season for that individual. Adults should be cautioned that Alabama State laws specify that flagrant or violent actions, including verbal harassment, of “sports officials”, can be punishable by jail or prison sentences. Local Leagues are encouraged to adopt, in written form, the preceding rule for regular season play. 




Jim Tapscott, District 1 &11

302 Sobotka Street

Hartselle, Alabama 35640

Home:(256) 773-6754

  email: bigjimua@aol.com 

   Jimmy Little, Assistant              Mike Watkins, Assistant

   2219 Lancelot Drive SW            4403 Sands Springs Rd.

   Decatur, Alabama 35603          Winfield,Al, 35594

   Home: (256) 355-1676               Home: (205) 495-0817

    email: jrlitt25@aol.com             Cell: (205) 495-3660

                                                              email: mwatkins@winfieldcity.org

  Celia Hicks, Secretary

1908 Westmead ST SW

Decatur, AL 35601

Home:(256) 227-2006

Email: celiahicks88@gmail.com    

  Tim Metzger, District Umpire Cordinator

Home: (256) 498-6774

Cell: (256) 479-5538

        email: tmetzger@otelco.net