Basketball - Girls JV Erie Region: Welcome

The 2012-2013Erie Region Girls JV Basketball Schedules are now available.  Please see the Handout section of this site to download the schedules. 


As you examine your individual schedules, please remember the many conflicts that each school submits to the athletic office.  The schedule is made without bias and as “fair” as possible for each team, while attempting to honor the many conflicts of each school. 


I remind you that, “Schedule changes will be made ONLY in the case of an EMERGENCY.”  The games are to be played on the dates assigned.  IN EXTREME CASES ONLY WILL ANY GAMES BE CHANGED.  “If such a situation arises, the coach requesting the change MUST contact the Diocesan Athletic Office, AT LEAST 48 HOURS before the scheduled game.  If contact is not made at least 48 hours before the scheduled game, then the game will be played as scheduled and a team not showing up will forfeit the game.”  (pg. 18 Athletic Policy Booklet)  IN THIS SITUATION, “CONTACT” IS DEFINED AS ACTUALLY SPEAKING WITH THE DIOCESAN ATHLETIC DIRECTOR.  LEAVING A MESSAGE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS “MAKING CONTACT.” “ONLY the Diocesan Athletic Office will notify the Officials Assignor as to a rescheduled game.  NO school / team representative can contact the Officials Assignor to reschedule a game.  Any team in violation of this will forfeit that game.”  (pg. 18)  ***If you call the Diocesan Athletic Office and my voicemail informs you that I am out of town and requests you to contact the Officials Assignor in case of an emergency, then and only then may you contact the Officials Assignor.    

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE HEAD COACH ONLY,  MAY STAND IN A 2’ X 3’ SPACE DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEIR BENCH, NEXT TO THE SCORER’S TABLE. Head coaches (only team’s head coach) will be permitted to stand and / or kneel during games in the coaching area of their team’s bench nearest the scorer’s table to “coach their team.”  This area is defined as a three feet by two feet rectangle that starts at the end of their team’s bench nearest the scorer’s table.  No coach is permitted to walk the sideline in any manner in any gymnasium.  Any coach walking in front of benches will be considered for a technical foul.  Head coaches are not to abuse this rule, by standing to protest an official’s call.  Again, head coaches may stand or kneel in this space, NOT walk the sideline.  Any abuse reported by officials to the Diocesan Athletic Office will be taken seriously, with the possibility of eliminating all coaches of these privileges.