Dinamo NY Soccer Club: Welcome

Dynamo NY Soccer Academy


Invites Boys and Girls from 4-17 years old to participate in soccer program

Comprehensive European Training System Involving Dutch, British, Spanish, German and Italian Styles.

Professional Staff, Optional Door To Door Transportation, Summer Camps, State Of The Art Facility.

City, State, National, International Soccer Leagues and Tournaments.

      Young Stars Program         Magic Stars Program         All Stars Program 

          Available for children 4-6 years old       Available for children 7-10 years old       Available for children 11-17 years old 

              Twice per week 1hour sessions              Twice per week 2hour sessions              Three times per week 2 hour sessions   

     1on1 Trainings, Technical and Tactical Consultations, Professional Guidance, College Scolarships.  


Big Apple’s premier destination for youth sports, Premier Sports Academy is home to several lines of Summer Sports Camps, as well as exciting After School Activities. Premier Sports Summer Camps offer young athletes the opportunity to enjoy first-class athletic facilities, expert instruction and the most exciting sports curriculum available in United States.One of the best features of Premier Sports Summer Camps is the European Olympic Developmental System. Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded sports education, Premier Academy developed an incredible program to give campers a chance to step inside of their intensive core sport and enjoyed our unique European Educational Technology. Every camper will gain physical, psychological and educational concepts while participating in our program. Learn from the best and bring your child a true happiness by attending Premier Sports Summer Camps.