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Dickinson Little League:2012 Local Rules  
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2012 Local Rules 2012 Local Rules
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Dickinson Little League
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  2012 Local Rules  

Tuesday, April 24
2012 Local Rules




Player Selection

1.0 American League Jr.: Any child who is league age of 7 or 8 before April 30th

1.1 Texas League: Any child who is league age of 9, 10, or 11 before April 30th

1.3 National League: Any child who is league age of 11 or 12 and who will not attain the league age of 13 on or before April 30th

1.4 Trades: Pre-season trades are only permitted after the completion of the player selection draft. All trades must be agreed upon by both managers of the teams involved. Any post draft trades must be submitted in writing by both managers to the Player Agent of the effected division. The player agent must present the proposed trade to the President for a ruling.

1.5 Replacement players: Managers must comply with Little League rule book, section III “Teams” within 10 days of the loss of a player. They must notify the Player Agent and then the President.

Game Regulations

2.0 Pre-game warm-ups may begin 30 minutes prior to game time. The visiting team shall have the use of the entire field for the first 10 minutes, followed immediately by the home team having the next 10 minutes. All pre-game warm-ups are subject to change to ensure all games begin on time.

2.1 American League teams will be allowed a manager and up to three additional local League approved coaches or volunteers aged 16 years or older. Both coaches’ boxes will be occupied by approved coaches and volunteers aged 16 years or older with the exception of team players.

2.2 All Leagues shall bat in continuous order throughout the entire game.

2.3 If a batter cannot finish his or her time at bat, the offensive team will be charged an out and batting will be resumed to the next batter in the order.

2.4 If a player is removed from the game due to illness or injury, their position in the batting order is skipped. If that player is reinserted back into the game then they will also be reinserted back into their original position in the batting rotation.

2.5 An injured or ill runner may be substituted for; only by the player who recorded the last out during the teams previous time up at bat. If that runner is still on base at the time of is/her bat then the player to record the first out of the same inning will become substitute for that runner.

2.6 Texas League games shall have a 1:30 time limit and a 9:30 pm curfew.

2.7 An 11 year old playing in the Texas League will not be allowed to pitch. 2.8 National League games with a game after them shall have a time limit of 1:45.

Run Rules

3.0 American /Texas League: A flat Five Run Rule is in effect: a team must take the field defensively when they have scored 5 runs. A tie score will count as ½ win and ½ losses for both teams.

3.1 National League: There are no ties in the National League. All games ending in ties, rainouts or curfew in the National League will be rescheduled and played in accordance with Little League rules.

3.2 In the event of a tied record, a play-off game(s) will be held to determine the actual winners of each half (if season is split). These games will be played until there is a winner and will be played under regular season rules. Curfew rules will remain in effect.

Pitching Machine

4.0 For American League (the pitching machine league) only a local league-approved volunteer aged 16 years or older may be designated ball-dropper and will be considered one of the four coaches in the dugout. The ball dropper shall not leave the field and go outside the gate between innings. The ball-dropper may not give signals/ motions/ gestures to the batter, runners or coaches for offensive purposes. The first offense will be a warning; the second can be ejection from the game. The ball-dropper will remain on the field while the ball is in play. He or she will crouch down to give all defensive players the clearest view possible. If a thrown or batted ball hits the ball-dropper, the ball will be live. If the ball-dropper does not make an attempt to crouch or get out of the way of the live ball then the player attempting to be thrown out will be automatically out. If there is no runner then the batter will be out if the ball-dropper interferes. No runners may advance. This is a judgment rule and cannot be protested.

4.1 The pitcher must remain on the pitchers mound either on or behind the pitcher’s rubber and to the first base side, until the ball has left the pitching machine.

4.2 A pitching machine will be used for the entire game for the American League (7-8 year olds) for the entire season. Should the pitching machine fail to operate during a game such that a game cannot continue, the game will be called a “rainout” with the rainout rule in effect. If however, three innings have been completed the game will be recorded as a complete game.

4.3 Should the pitching machine become erratic in the delivery of the ball only the umpire in charge shall make a decision to adjust the machine. The manager of either team may request the machine be checked. If approved by the chief umpire then the machine may be checked and adjusted for a proper strike zone.

4.4 While using a pitching machine, batters advance to first base only by hitting the ball. There is no base on balls. If however a machine pitched ball hits the batter, the batter will be awarded first base.

4.5 If a batted ball hits the machine, the ball shall be declared dead. The batter/runner will be awarded first base. All other runners may advance one base.

4.6 If a thrown ball hits the machine, the ball is live, even if attempting to throw out a runner stealing a base.

4.7 A ball outside the strike zone is considered a “no pitch” and base runner(s) may not advance.

Practice Rules

5 There must be a minimum of two local league approved volunteers at each practice and during the entire practice. If two or more cannot attend the practice is to be cancelled. No practice is to last more than two hours.

5.1 It is the responsibilities of the managers to make certain that each volunteer that participates in either a practice or game has a signed and a board- approved volunteer form or file with the league. Non-approved volunteers shall not participate in any event.

5.2 No adults are allowed to play catcher during pitcher warm-ups, infield practice or warm-ups even at practice. Each player who participates in the above activities shall wear a catcher’s mask and a catcher’s mitt.

5.3 During the regular season, no more than three events in a week shall be scheduled for American League teams, unless re-scheduled by the President for make-ups. The National and Texas League shall schedule no more than four events in a week. Pre-Season practices shall be limited to four per week in all divisions.


6.0 All teams shall create a banner, sized between 3’x5’ or 4’x6’. The banner shall display the team sponsor name, all players with at least their first names, the manager and coach’s names.

6.1 The banner shall be displayed at the team’s dugout at all of their games and in all team photos scheduled by Dickinson Little League.

6.2 All coaches shall be in the team photo scheduled by Dickinson Little League.

6.3 Each team shall have a “team mom” or an equivalent representative of the team.


Approved by Dickinson Little League Board of Directors, December 7, 2011.

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Dickinson Little League
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