Dickenson County Youth Soccer League: Welcome

Dickenson County Youth Soccer League

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Dickenson County Youth Soccer League is to provide all children a positive environment to have fun, exercise, have friendly competition, develop a love for the game, build self-confidence, and develop the foundations of teamwork.


The Dickenson County Youth Soccer League is a recreational league for children to learn new skills, progress as players and individuals, and to have fun. Our focus is on learning new skills and learning to work together as a team.  We do not play just to win, we win and lose as a team.  All players, parents, coaches and referees are to treat each other with respect.  There will be many players with different skill levels, it is the responsibility of each player and coach to help players/teammates become better players.  We will treat opposing teams with respect.


Game times and schedules will be announced soon. Please be at all games 15 -30 minutes prior to start of the game.  Every player will play at least 50% of each game (league rule).  Players may play several positions during the game, no players will be forced to play. All players must be in full uniform and be equipped with shin guards. If shin guards are not worn during game time, that player will be unable to play (this is due to insurance purposes).  No jewelry will be worn during game play. Players need to bring water or a sports drink to each game.


 If you need to see when your weekly practice is scheduled please select the your team tab on the left hand side.  You are expected to be at practice every week.  Please be on time, as late arrivals disrupt practice.  The league and teams understand there will be times when you may have to miss practice.  Players are expected to bring their soccer ball, shin guards, and water/sports drink to practice.  We do play in different kinds of weather, so please dress accordingly.  Soccer cleats are not required but recommended, otherwise wear sneakers (no baseball cleats, soccer cleats have an empty open toe where no cleat will be).


The County will be maintaining our fields for us.  However, it is the responsibility of each individual to make sure the fields are kept clean.  Please dispose of all garbage in the appropriate containers.  There is no smoking allowed on the soccer fields at any time.  No pets are allowed on the field at any time (this is due to insurance purposes and sanitation issues). We are attempting to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the children.


The current Dickenson County Youth Soccer League was established in the Spring 2008.  The league grew from the efforts of Donna Price and other volunteers. Through the efforts by league volunteers, the league continues to grow.  With your help and dedication, we can continue to offer soccer to our County residences as a great recreational sport; teaching them not only about the game of soccer, but also leadership, team building skills, and self-confidence . 

DCYSL - Players’ Rights        

The right to decide when to participate in soccer.

-   The right to play every game.  At younger ages, every child should have an opportunity to play at least 50% of every game.  No child should have to stand and watch at practice.

-The right to participate at a level that corresponds to each child’s maturity and ability.

- The right to be taught the fundamentals of soccer.

- The right to participate in a safe and healthy environment.

-The right to play as a child and enjoy participation in the sport.  

DCYSL – Players Code

-Play the game for the game’s sake.

-Be generous when you win.

-Be graceful when you lose.

-Be fair always, no matter what the cost.

-Obey the laws of the game.

-Work for the good of your team.

-Accept the decisions of the officials with good grace.

-Believe in the honesty of your opponents.

-Conduct yourself with honor and dignity.

Adopted from US Youth Soccer

DCYSL – Parent’s Role

-Provide transportation to and from all practices and games ensuring that the player is prompt not only in arriving but also his departure.

-Stay and watch practices as well as games and lend the young players your support in a positive manner.  Do not point out their mistakes, leave that up to the coach, and be sure to compliment on their accomplishments as well as their effort.

-Ensure that your child brings equipment to and from all soccer games and practices when appropriate.

-Be available to kick the ball around with your child when you are invited to do so.

-Be a good listener.  Make them feel important and let them know that they are contributing to a team effort.

-Be positive. Never criticize.  Suggest an alternate way if they are not performing correctly – (ex. – “Hey, that is pretty good, but why don’t you try it this way”)


 DCYSL – Guidelines to Soccer Parenthood

-In competition someone always loses.  If you win do it gracefully, not boastfully.  If you lose, do not allow your child to become negative.

-Too much competition, too soon, can slow a child’s progress in skill development.

-Make fun and technique development your first priority.

-Your child’s coach will need all the support and help you can offer.  Please make yourself available and volunteer all the time you can spare.

-Disagreements with the coach or officials do not belong on the public soccer field.  Questions, input and positive suggestions should be voiced to the coach and/or league president in an adult atmosphere (the youth player should not be present).

-The overall purpose is to enjoy the game and the opportunity to be with your child on the field of play. Adopted from US Youth Soccer

Portable Goals 

DCYSL uses portable goals. According to Virginia law (SB 933 – Movable Soccer Goal Safety Act), you must be know that our goals must be anchored at all times to ensure no tipping occurs. It is unsafe to climb or pull on portable goals. If a goal is found unsecured, it will be unusable and must be reported to a coach or DCYSL Board member. Player(s) that are found improperly using a goal (i.e.-climbing/pulling) will be at their own risk. Any person damaging a soccer goal or net caused by improper use will be responsible for repair/replacement (capped at $150) 

Concussion Policy

As a member of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, DCYSL is required to adopt a concussion management policy for players participating in our league.  The purpose of this policy is to reduce concussion risks, increase awareness, and to comply with state law.  Parents, players, and coaches will be provided educational material and or information regarding the nature and risks or concussions, the criteria for removal and returning to the game, and the risks of not reporting the injury and continuing play. Parents will be required to submit a signed statement at least yearly regarding our league's concussion policy.  Additional information can be found on the CDC's website at www.cdc.gov/headsup.