LADY REX 18U: Softball Parents

To Softball Parents....... In my experience a typical softball parent is: A parent that stands behind their daughters interest in fast pitch softball 110%, making numerous sacrifices of time and money so that their daughter can reach her full potential and enjoyment of the game. It is the parent that drives their daughter 45 minutes across town because the five programs closer to home don't meet her needs or criteria. It is the parent that tells white-lies at work so that they can take her to practice on time. The typical softball parent buys their daughter a new bat or glove, when the family car needs work and they can't afford to get it done. It is the family eating out of a cooler on road trips because the family budget really shouldn't allow for the out-of-town trip anyway. It is the parent that is always at her game, regardless of what time or how far from home. The typical softball parent is probably putting their daughters softball career above the family finances, church and work. The next time you see a parent upset about their daughters playing time etc. ...pause for a second before passing judgement ... they have probably made many severe sacrifices for their daughter to get to where she is. If you were in their shoes ... you would probably be upset too! The typical softball parent is above all a parent! If you want to see some rotten kids ... go to your neighborhood mall and check out the kids that hang around day after day. If you really want to find out what an attitude problem is, recruit one of those kids to play on your team. The typical softball parent is raising a girl that one day will become a successful citizen. The kid hanging out at the mall, his parents don't even know what his/her interest are and don't really care. Yes, softball parents want the best for their girls. Sometimes we may over-react, misjudge our kids abilities, beg the coach too hard for playing time, yell at umps too loud or often and we get lost sometimes keeping softball in the proper perspective. But we love our kids. Over the past few years, I have looked closely at many of my daughters teammates and opponents. I have admired their spirit, work ethic and determination. I have looked fondly at genuinely pretty young ladies covered generously with mud and dirt, sweat rolling off their brow, 95 degrees outside, four games played that day and one to go, and I have developed a new-found respect for the female gender. These girls come to play ...and they play because they want to! This is nothing the National Organization for Women (NOW) could have sold me on. :) With the current state of the youth in America, escalating violence and drug abuse, and it is in or coming soon to a high school near you ... I think being called a TYPICAL SOFTBALL PARENT is a sincere and high compliment! The Life Of A Softball Parent Level 1.. Rec ball parent Out of control, whole life hinges on every pitch of the game. Level 2.. First year travel ball parent Still reasonably out of control, has no clue about the level of play, thinks their kid is God's Gift even though she sits on the bench all the time. Life still hinges on every pitch. Level 3.. Minimum 2 years Travel Ball Experience Required Has started to settle down, understands the game a little better, may even start trusting the coaches ability. Kid is playing more often, so life hinges on outs in an inning. Level 4.. Minimum 4-5 years experience Understands the game, the kid plays. You walk around eating seeds all day and are an expert at snack bar cuisine. Life hinges on wether or not they get the 8:00 AM pool play game so you might get to sleep in. Level 5.. More than 5 years experience You become comatose at games, has no clue if kid is even playing. Hears about a hit she got yesterday, day dreams about what life would be like if you could have all the money back that you ever spent on softball. Looks forward to a college recruiter picking up the tab for the next four years. Level 6.. Parent dies and is buried sitting in a lawn chair with half a bag of sunflower seeds. That my friends is the life of a softball parent. Where are you on this scale?