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Saturday, September 6
Saturday 9/6/08 GAME - Will be held at Whitlock Park
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the game today.

Friday, September 5
Phone Tree and Snack Schedule
The phone tree and Snack Schedule have been added to the handout section of the website.  Please contact Mary Miller with any questions or changes.

Wednesday, August 27

As we conclude our second week of practice there are signs of progress. Your son is being introduced to a variety of new individual skills and team strategies - as is always the case, some learn more quickly than others and some are easily distracted at this age. Your help in reminding your player to pay attention is much appreciated.

Also, "bathroom breaks" have become a new set back to our practices. Please make sure your son uses the facilities at home prior to a practice so practices are not interrupted. Moreover, we are understandably uncomfortable with your player going off in search of a bathroom.

Please remind your son of our "Readers Are Leaders Program." We encourage them to read a book (not a book associated with school or homework). They simply write the title and author on a 3" x 5" note card, have a parent sign the card and bring it to practice - they receive a treat / prize at the following practice. Realizing children at this age read at varying levels we do not openly discuss what they have read.

Shoe laces are a B I G problem for players at this age. This is a golden opportunity to assist your child in learning how to tie his shoes. Alternately, you can buy a set of rubber shoe lace guards that are sold at most sporting goods stores (Soccer 2000 on Ogden). Simply slip the guard over the shoe and on-top-of the shoe lace knot and the knot stays tied for the all of a practice or a game!

Things your son has learned that you might want to ask him about in a car ride to or from practice or a game; it's good positive reinforcement:

  • Time and Trouble
  • Good Open Space
  • Check to the ball
  • Get your shape
  • Tight Marks on all restarts
  • Shielding
  • Passing to space or, "a through ball"
  • Goal side

Due to the limited time to train prior to our first game we may get off to a slow and rocky start. However, experience suggests that given time and your support we will work our way toward a season that promises to be fun regardless of whether we win, lose or tie.

Happy Labor Day.

John and Ed




Monday, August 25
Roadrunner window decals are here!
Families can show their support for the Roadrunners Soccer Club by proudly displaying a window decal on ther family vehicle - a great way to reward your child for their hard work at practices, games, school and household chores.

Decals can be ordered by completing the attached form and mailing along with $10 check made payable to DG Roadrunners to:

DG Roadrunners
1289 Candlewood Dr.
Downers Grove, IL 60515


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