D'Feeters '94: Welcome


*Region III Champs 2008*

This is the website of the Lake Highlands Girls' Classic League D'Feeters '94 soccer team located in Farmers Branch, Texas. This team was formed in July, 2004, and is in its seventh year of Division 1 play in Lake Highlands. We are very proud to be a part of the D'Feeters Club Elite 8. Our team is made of dedicated and exceptional girls from all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The team's head coach is Kim Colon, who is assisted by other D'Feeters Club coaches who contribute to the development of the team.

The team stresses the D'Feeters' club principle of fundamental development through hard work, dedication, and team-oriented performance goals. The '94 team practices with their sister teams on the Club's wonderfully maintained facilities at Dallas Christian College in Farmers Branch, Texas.  The D'Feeters '94 are members of the ECNL league.

We have opened up some of the sections of our website for the general public, and we hope that you enjoy browsing and learning about our team. Several areas of the website are restricted for team and friends' access. Please send the webmaster a note if you have a valid need for access to those areas.



Catch the feet in these pix from Rod Pruitt: