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Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 Premiere  As long running series go, has matured into one of the most confident, complex and well-made shows America is currently producing. It’s beautifully written and the cast, without exception, has so far been phenomenal.
Without doubt, this is True Blood’s best season so far, for myriad reasons. Whatever the second half of the season holds, it definitely won’t be boring. But it may well have a few less vamps...
Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 Premiere   The Episode: Since somebody actually took the time to email me about last week’s missing recap, here are some brief thoughts on Episode 5: It was great. Start to finish, engaging in nearly every storyline, save for the one I’ve made clear in previous reviews has no business wasting viewers’ time.
Hey, let’s start there for Episode 6. Pam nearly, very nearly, killed Tara. But the vampire protestors showed up, caught the incident on film and — shock — Tara survived. That’s, Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 Premiere   what now, the third time Tara has been on the brink of destruction, only to be saved by the skin of her teeth? That is some phenomenal survival for a character who has been forcibly inserted into the central plot for no particular reason in four straight seasons.
Dexter Season 7 Episode 1 Premiere   But, there she is again, coming upon Marnie on a roadside, now willingly possessed by Antonia, and suddenly, Tara is as close as she was to Maryann in Season 2. We’ll get to that in a minute. First, the most ridiculous sex scene in television history.