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Sunday, April 2
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Dewey Recreation Association 

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 Member of Tri-County Youth Sports League P.O.Box 462 Dewey, 


2018 News

Opening day parade will be April 21, we will start at Dewey Hotel and proceed to ball fields, parade will start at 9:45 am. All teams will play one game. Games will have 1 hr drop time.

We will have a separate dedication for Connie Brown Field at 6 pm April 22. 12 Under girls will play their game at 7 pm.

Link for 2018 Schedule:




 Tri CountyLeague Rules for 2018 season

2018 Season will start on April 16.

Extra innings-- If regulation is a tie, you will play one extra inning (even if time has expired), if it is still a tie, game will be recorded as a tie.

Boys 8u, 10u, 12u- all games must be played with a 9 1/2" leather ball.

Girls 8u and 10u play with a 11" yellow blue stitch softball, 12u use 12"

2018 champion will be determined by their win / loss record. Head to head match up will be used first, if there is still a tie a playoff game will be played at Dewey. 

We will not have a end of season tournament. tournaments will go on during season.

Their will be a non drop 3rd strike rule this year in 10u boys and girls. Meaning that if the catcher drops the ball on the 3rd strike the batter is out and can not run to first base. However the ball is alive and all other runners may advance.

2018 season will have lead off and steals in 10 U-12 U boys.

In 10u girls there will be a 4 run limit per inning.

The rules for this season will be usssa in baseball and usssa rules for softball. Baseball will also use Major League Baseball 2017 National League rules.

You must bat the entire line up, and also players has to play in field at least every other inning.

Coach pitch ball:

Rule 9.10.A a team may play with 8 players, however they will to take an out for batter 9. A team that is short 1 or 2 players may borrow up to 2 players from another Tri County team or pull a player up from the league below them, said players must wear their teams uniform, will play in the outfield and bat last. All players borrowed must be from Tri County League.

8 Under boys will receive 6 pitches or 3 swingi ng strikes. Batter is out on 6 pitch foul.

8 Under girls will receive 5 pitches or 3 swinging strikes, batter is not out on 5 pitch foul.

Games will start at 6:15 and 7:30.

There will be a 6 run limit in all pitched ball except for 10 U Girls.

Time Limits:

12 U boys 1hr 30 min

10 U boys 1 hr 20 min

8 U boys and all Softball 1 hr 10 min

Run Rules:

15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings.

Home team is responsible for turning in scores, scores should be turned in to .Scores must be turned in by Sunday of week games are played.

In event of rainout home team is responsible to contact visiting coach within that week and try and reschedule game, that coach would then contact their league representative with possible dates for a make up.

3.01.A (Chart 3.01.A-1)

For age divisions 4U – 14U, any player who before May 1st of the current season reaches the listed age restriction of that age group shall not eligible to participate at the listed age in the AGE DIVISION column and shall be required to play in the next older division.

base paths 10U boys 65’ girls 60'

base paths 12U boys 65’ girls 60’

reps are to turn in scores weekly.  mailto:deweyfd4@yahoo.comSsh

 501 C 3 Tax Exempt Non Profit Organization

  • President - David Gay 
  • Vice President - Phillip Shoultz
  • VP of Baseball - Hank Palmer 
  • VP of Softball - David McDaniel 
  • T-Ball Coordinator - Jerry Battenfield
  • Secretary - Angela Seals 
  • Treasurer - Keenya Merrill
  • Concession - Heidi Smith
  • Umpire in Chief - Brad Woodard 

Email or a board member to get something on the agenda. Meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in getting involved please contact one of the current board members listed.

For the Latest Information check out "My Site News".

For More Upcoming events check out the "Calendar". 2016 forms, meeting minutes, TCYS rules, and etc. are located in the "Documents" section.

This site is for the promotion of Dewey Recreation Association and the Tri County Youth Sports League, we reserve the right to deny anyone access or delete any negative material that is not towards the promotion of our league. Thank you.

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