Huron River Mustangs: Welcome

Schedules Have been posted

Hello All,

I finally have the league schedule posted. I know some of you have made some changes, but please contact me if you have. I have tried to accomodate all so I made changes to the original schedule here. I hope i did not step on toes, but if you see an issue just get a hold of me and I will update on the site.

We will play each other three times each, meaning someone will have an extra home game. We can handle that by both teams will have to pay for half of the third game, meaning umpires and fields. (we can talk more about at next meeting.) I have balls on order also. I will pass out at the meeting, where I will also need a check for $350. I am also upgrading the website so that I can send emails to each team instead of doing it in Yahoo, which is getting old. That is why i need email addresses, phone numbers and also addresses of each feild.

I think this season should be even better than last. We have 6 competitive teams which should make all of our teams better. I would like to post any accomplishments here on our News board as our league should have a sense of pride when we win tournaments or are runner ups. Good Luck to all and I hope posting the schedule helps.

 Talk to you Soon!!!