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Welcome 2012 Tigers

2012 Tigers- Sophmore Season

Happy New Year Tigers! After all the turkey, holiday cookies, and celebratory champagne, it's time to get back in "game shape." I made it a point to ask Santa for some top pitching recruits for Christmas, but I woke up Christmas morning to a new neck tie instead. Hopefully Santa brought one of you some new recruits for our 2012 season!

On November 5th, I held a Texas Hold 'em poker tournament at my house and was glad to see Dave and Paul were both able to make it out. It was a great night, which was capped off by going out to see a band at Pineapple Jacks and indulging in a few "beverages." If i'm able to put together another night of playing cards, i'll be sure to let everyone know.

I hope everyone is still on board for suiting up this season. Looking back on our 2011 season, there is reason to be optimistic. We had a solid offense, with a team filled with players that were able to get on base and drive in runs. Defensively, we were ok but certainly have room for improvement. Hopefully we can get together at Frozen Ropes in February for some team workouts to "brush the dust off."

Until then, keep those arms loose.