Desert Valley Volleyball Club: 14's News / Information

The 14's team finished the year strong with a trophy and 1st place in the Camolot division at the volleyball festival. The girls played 14 tournaments this year.


The 14's tream will be playing in the Memorial Day tournament on May 17th and 18th, The Volleyball Festival June 26th to 29th and the AZ Finals on June 7th and 8th


Congrats to the 14's team for taking 4th in the Memorial Day Tournament this weekend.


All the April payments are now due please make sure they have been turned in thanks 

Desert Valley Volleyball Club
  Tournament Date Drink/Snack Item Player
1/25/2014 Hair Ties gatorade case 30 Ashley
    Gatorade/loaf bread - white Brenna
    Grapes/Strawberries/Melon-sliced Brianna
    cheese cubs and pretzels Destiny
    uncrustables- berry 1 bag of chips Eliza
    dessert your choice uncrustables-grape 1 bag of chips Hannah
    granola bars and fruit snaks Jessica
    veggie tray and dip Journey
    beef jerkey Kiara
    beef jerkey Lauren
    Beef Jerky Rachelle
    2 cases water Sam
    string cheese, pretzels #1 - Brenna
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  Hair Ties should be brought to the tournament pre cut. Hand out prior to games.
  Allergies - Dairy and Nuts (If your child has an allergy not listed notify Kelly.)
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Dessert item will be shared after the tournament is complete.  
  Snack Item: Please remember to bring enough for at least 1 players and coaches. 
  Drinks:  If you have been selected to bring a drink, please make sure drinks
   are on ice in a cooler. (Enough for each player to have 2 drinks)
  Paper goods will be supplied. Pop-up & table will also be provided.
Remember to bring : pillow/blanket for your player, fold up chair for your player
  and also for anybody staying for tournament.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.   


Ben Markley, Club Director

M: 602-525-9076