Desert Valley Volleyball Club: Tryouts



We will be holding a second tryout to fill a few positions on our 15/16's team on one position on our 14's team.

Please feel free to contact Ben Markley @ 602-525-9076 for more information. 


* Tryouts will be held at Luke Elementary School located at 7300 N Dysart Glendale, AZ. Tryouts will be in the gym.                                      

* The following items are needed for tryouts:                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Copy of concussion acknowledgement form                     

            - Copy of medical release form 

            - Copy of Arizona Region and USA Volleyball membership card or copy of receipt from weblinks registration                                                                         

Note: All items can be found at


!  If you are not certain of the age group you should play in, please go to the Arizona Region website and use the Age Definitions calculator on the Juniors page.

Coaching for Desert Valley Volleyball Club

If you are interested in coaching for Desert Valley Volleyball Club,                                         

please contact Ben Markley at 602-525-9076 or