Desert Valley Volleyball Club: I Made My School Team

Sunday, September 29
I Made My School Team

Lets brag a little, if you made your school team email me the info and we will post it for all to see.

Hannah Miranda          Peoria High School (jv)

Journey Johnston       Peoria High School (freshman)

Samantha Mulhausen   Auga Fria (freshman)

Kiara Doyle                 Desert Edge (freshman)

Rachelle Binbbeli       Sun Valley ( JR High)

Lauren Colebank        Wigwam Creek Middle School (JR High)

Eliza Dominguez    Western Sky  (JR High)

Jessica Gonzales  Alta Loma  (JR High)

Ashley Lifgren  Pesa Verde  (JR High)

Brenna Markley  Sun Valley  (JR High)

Brianna Markley  Sun Valley ( JR High) 

Congrats to the girls at Sun Valley on a undefeated season and good luck in the school tournament.