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Fri 10/31 star Halloween All Day
Sun 11/2 star Daylight Saving Time Ends All Day
Tue 11/4 star Election Day All Day
Tue 11/11 star Veterans Day All Day
Wed 11/12 star Little League Awards Banquet 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM Alettos
Friday, October 17

 Deptford Little League Yard Sale will be held on Sat Oct 25th At our complex from 8 till ?..Anyone interested in selling call 856 848 2522 or email to

The Spots are regular parking spot(10x20) 15$ a spot & you must supply your own tables...Set up time is at 7 am...Rain date is Sunday Oct 26th.... 

also remember if you have baseball spikes or a baseball glove that you do not need any more please donate it to Deptford Little League, I put these out free when we do sign ups in Feb for families who might be able to afford new ones for their kids....



Last night Weds July 23rd was the last tournament game thus ends the Spring/Summer Baseball at Deptford Little League.. We want to thank all parents & players for our little league season & to those players who made our tournament teams. This year district 15 asked us to host the Jrs Regionals from Section 4 Teams that had won their District Titles this was a great honor & thanks to all who helped make it great.
We also want to thank all our Volunteers from the Managers to the Coaches to Volunteer Umpires to our Jr Umpires to the Stand People to our Board Members & especially to our president Don Bozzuffi. We hope that this season was a enjoyable season to all. We continue to improve the fun you & your children have here at Deptford Little League. This year we added a play area for the kids & will continue to add some games as time goes on, we had a Hitting contest this year that was fun for the kids so as you see we are trying to make Deptford little league a fun event for everyone in your family.. We look forward to another great season next year!!!!

For anyone interested in Fall ball we will be announcing Prices & Sign up dates soon, the fall ball season starts a little after Labor Day & goes to the end of Oct. The fall ball is a travel League you will have half home games the other half away games....



10yr old Tournament:
Shawn Foley, Christian Street, Colin Dluoik, Nicholas Bove, Thomas Anderson, Tom Lavagna, George Herrera, Wyatt Christmas, Michael Lerro, Nicholas Malcropoulous, Kevin Eli, Devon Roane, Hunter MacCrea..

11yr old Tournament Team

12yr old Tournament Team:                               Jordan Gray, Chase Banks, Luca Spadea, Shane Adamski, Philip Sedalis, Nickolas Paciocco, Giouanni Sabelli, Brett Ailtmar, Christopher Anderson, Scott Jones, Croccifixio Torelli, Louis Miller, Keith Foley, Sean Broadhurst

13 & 14 Juniors:                                                Samual Harding, Dominick Guerara, Matthew Gray, Pratrick Falkenstein, Joseph Chavarria, Ryan Bufo, Antonio Berry, Timothy McVey, William Vance,Joseph Harding, Andrew Flinn, Tyler Peatman, Jianni Hernandez


These are the list of Players for the Minor League Players Choice game to be played on Sat May 31st. at 7 pm

Astros- Anthony Beckett, Thomas Gaffney, Alex Gonzalez, Nicholas Miller
Indians- John Gold, Luke Vargas, Dariyon Roane, Andre Tull
Marlins- Mason Christmas, Todd Kasper, Vincent Mullary, Marcus Aurelien
Rangers- Chase Stocklin, Zachary MuhlBaier, Kyle Harding, Anthony Hartman
Tigers- David Baumback, Isaiah Andruzzi, Anthony Iannuzzi, Gabriel Dezuitti
Yankees- Jeb Silvey, Owen Silvey, John Thompson, Bryce Jones...

Congratulations to the players that made the team, come out to see them play plus that day we are having a hitting contest ages 10, 11, 12,13, 14,15.......13,14,15 at 12pm on the Junior Field & 10,11,12 at 3pm on A Field





 Baseball Quote

"Little league  baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets."               Yogi Berra

"I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it."                            Sandy Koufax

"This game - baseball - is rich with strategy, talent, challenge, excitement and yes, tradition. But most of all, this game of baseball creates a bond - an indescribable bond, a bond that brings all of us together. All of us, not only teams but, families, friends, communities and, yes, even countries."                  Mike Schmidt   

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