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Dazzle Fall 2010
Denver Dazzle 2010
Welcome to the Denver Dazzle 16/18u website!

Welcome to the Denver Dazzle 16/18u website for the 2010/2011 Season. We are a fast-pitch softball team based in Denver, North Carolina. We have several girls with championship experience returning to the 16u for this next season.  Please check dates and times on calendar for practice times, open practice and tryouts.

"Our Dazzle Prayer"

God grant me wisdom, to tell a strike from a ball, To know where to throw and never to fall.

Keep me always in the base line, Running straight and true and I'll look for your sign, to stretch one into two.

Let me always hustle, so I'll be at my best and take pride in myself, in sports and the rest.

God be my strength to compete with all my heart, As though I'm working for you Lord, right from the start.

When I help younger players, let me always give praise, So they"ll see you in me, in all of my ways.

Help me to stand tall, in spite of my age. An example I'll set in love without rage.

Let me take a loss just as well as a win to not give God the glory is definitely a sin.

Help me to remember that Jesus is the world's light. Whoever follows him won't feel the darkness of night.

However my games end, let me always have fun, and if Heaven has All Stars, I want to be one

Last but not least, when my job on Earth is done, I want my name on your roster

Just like your son!                                                         Portions copied from "The Baseball Players Prayer" by Hal Skinner

Dazzle Mission Statement:

"Our Mission is to foster, encourage and promote the game of Fast Pitch Softball for the girls of the DENVER DAZZLE through the maintenance and operation of quality instructional and travel team programs.  To develop and euip the young ladies to not only compete and succeed at a high level of competitive Fast Pitch Softball, but also to prepare them to succeed in the game of life."

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Our team is always looking for sponsorship help. If you would like to be a sponsor for our 16/18u team, please contact us @ or telephone number listed. Please check out our sponsor file for those who have already donated to the Denver Dazzle 16/18u 2010/2011 Season. We will make every effort to insure that all sponsorship dollars are used wisely.


Thursday, August 26
Huntesville August 28

Dazzle vs MC Tarheels at 9:00 on Field 4 @ Bradford Park in Huntersville, NC

Centerfield (Let's Go!)