Pirettes (Vardas) 00G: Welcome



I have made a few changes to what is expected of the team!

  1. Five (5) days a week 20 minutes a day at HOME. Footwork/Ball Skills practice. They know what they should do!    
  2.  I will provide a calendar to have you (parents) sign off on daily that they practiced! If not, extra lunges, burpees, mountain climbers or the favorite Inch Worm!
  3. By September 26, 2011, I expect them to juggle the ball in the air 7 times without using hands and only allowing 1 bounce off the ground. IN A ROW!

This is the Season to shoot for TOA (Tournament of Champions)

In order to do this, the girls must become more advanced in their skills, footwork & ball controll.

Several team members have worked throughout the summer improving this and working hard. It really shows!


 Now it is time to pull them together as a team and start talking, working and building a solid team with eachother! This takes dedication and motivation. Parents, please help with this part! Get them to practice on time!

  1. If they are running late, they need to hit the grass running to get to where we are (min. jog). Extra fun stuff if they do not.
  2. They must all bring their gear (ball, shin guards, cleats, socks, hair up!, NO JEWELRY) this is for practice & games! Extra fun stuff if missing some items!
  3. Everyone received the new rules. Minimum of 1 practice a week or disciplinary actions can occur.

 (This means I can sit them out a game. They must attend, be suited up but will not play. This is at my discression and you will be notified prior to this occuring.)

 I understand school work comes first.

  1. They need to text, email or call me as soon as they know they will be missing a practice. This is for any reason, sickness, school play, orchestra, just because, parent running late or vacation.

           I text, email or call as soon as I know things change.Please let me know.

It is hard to do a team sport without the team involved.

This season we have a few new players, we will be playing them in various areas to see what works best for them.

  • Goalies or those who want to work at it, we will have seperate practices for this!
  • No practice, I will not play you in there during games.
  • I will be utilizing the players in the spots I feel are best suited for them for THE TEAM.
  • Some will play various areas depending on who is at practice, games and what areas need extra players.

Parents we will be setting up at games differently. Parents will be on bleachers or to one side of them (NOT both sides), the team will sit TOGETHER to the opposite side. This means:

  1. They should have their bags, hair accessories, balls, supplies, food, inhalers, WATER with them in Player area!
  2. If the referee decides there will be water breaks during the game, they need to have their bottles labeled and aligned in a row so that we can easily get them their water.
  3. Do not argue with the referees, keep vocalization to a minimum, the referee has the right to evict any one from the fields. I will be the one the referee speaks with when issues occur. I have to mandate and direct spectators per DSA guidelines that each of you signed upon registering your players. Those of you who have completed the background checks also re-signed the same agreement.
  4. During half time, the team will sit together and work on strategy and game discussion.
  5. They will line up on the half line to sub out. If they decide to move out of player area, I will not search, hunt for them to substitue during the game.

This is the season they have been working hard for! Tournament of Champions!

That is our goal for this season!!

This means hard work, determination and dedication to become faster and more skilled with the ball. I have been working on my skills to help them become better with theirs.

As always, if you have suggestions, ideas or comments, please talk with myself, Kevin or Frank.

Please do this one on one either after practice, after a game, or telephone call to discuss.

Thank you! Hope to see you all soon!


PS This will be where all schedules are posted for practices and Games!!!