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Thursday, June 8
Run Happy
There's more to running than simply putting one foot in front of the other quickly. If you've been meaning to hit the road, start out on the right foot by reviewing the basics. Whether you're working up to your first mile or racing through marathons, our rundown of the fundamentals will keep you moving in stride. These tips will help you run better, easier and happier.

Thursday, June 8
Weekend Training Menu
You're a weekend warrior. While others spend Sunday slouched over a newspaper, your idea of downtime is huffin' through an eight-mile tempo run. After a long endurance session much of your body's glycogen stores, which feed your muscles, have been tapped. Without proper refueling, future workouts suffer. Fill up on these foods, and rebound from workouts in a snap.

Wednesday, January 25
Vordenberg's Notes on Team Selection
Kris Freeman
Kris Freeman at Olympic Tryouts
When it comes to team selection there is generally a small crew of racers who are clear choices to the national team or to championship teams such as an Olympic or World Championships. These are the skiers who consistently place among the best in the country and who in some cases have been among the best in the world.

There is generally a larger crew of racers who are on the bubble of being named to such teams. They are on the bubble because they are either inconsistently among the best in the country or because they consistently place just below the best in the country.

When you are on the bubble you are either one of the last people to be picked to a National or Championship team or one of the first to be left off the team.

I am familiar with life on the bubble. I spent the first half of my career looking up at the bottom of the bubble, the too-short middle section of my career established within the team and the latter part again riding the bubble.

There were coaching decisions that I disagreed with and which had they been different might have been beneficial to my career. That is difficult to say, however it is easy to say that I was the one who put myself on the bubble rather than on the team. I was in charge of being either a clear choice or a questionable choice. Too often I was a questionable choice. My results, my performance and my preparation were my responsibility.

Good results result from performance and performance from preparation. Preparation is not just training. It is also a matter of taking care of your health, making smart choices when it comes to racing, training, resting and lifestyle. It is often simply a matter of being honest with yourself, putting yourself in a position to be lucky rather than unlucky and ultimately making the most of every opportunity.

Athletes must take responsibility for their preparation, performance and ultimately for where they find their name on the result sheet.

All of this being true perhaps the biggest mistake I made as an athlete was not the things I did which put me on the bubble but losing momentum when I wasn’t named to a team. I quit too soon.

This sport takes a long time to perfect not only because the time it takes to develop physiologically but because it takes time to dial in all the small aspects of training, resting and lifestyle, and to learn to make good choices. This, including not being named to teams, is all a part of the process.

Do Not Quit Now. Keep training, keep learning, keep dreaming and keep going. There are races next week, races next month, world championships next year, and Olympics in four more years. Now is the time to recommit not quit.

Note: Pete Vordenberg is the US XC Team Coach. Click on the title for the entire article.

Friday, January 30
Cold Weather Racing
From Andrew Gerlach's news letter and SkiPost.com

Making Cold Days ...

Friday, January 30
V2 Help
From Andrew Gerlach's news letter and SkiPost.com

Hi Subaru Factory ...

Friday, January 30
Training Levels
From Andrew Gerlach's news letter and SkiPost.com

Dear Subaru Factory ...

Friday, January 30
2004 SuperTour
From Andrew Gerlach's news letter and SkiPost.com

2004 SuperTour


Wednesday, February 25
Recovery nutrition guidelines after hard exercise
By Nancy Clark, MS, RD
For Active.com

If you are an avid athlete, you've undoubtedly ...

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