DeMotte Little League: Safety Information

This SAFETY PAGE, will provide link's to our leagues information and forms. You can review the information and forms to find the requirements for all Demotte Little League members to have a Safe and Fun time at our park.


Tuesday, May 2
Procedures for Use of a Double First Base
7.15-Procedures for Use of a Double First Base: The double base may be used for first base only. The base must be rectangular, with two sides not less than 14 inches and not more than 15 inches, and the other two sides not less than 29 inches and not more than 30 inches. The longer sides shall face toward home plate and the right field corner. The outer edges shall not be more than two and one—forth (2 ¼) inches thick

ASAP League Safety Officer Program Kit

ASAP Safety Newsletters

National Safety Council

Little League Child Protection Program

Dehydration, the Invisible Opponent

Dehydration, the Invisible Opponent
If kids don’t drink enough to replace sweat lost during activity, they become dehydrated. Dehydration not only hurts young athletes’ performance, it may endanger their health.2 
Kids are at increased risk for heat stress or illness, because during activity they heat up more quickly and cool down less efficiently than adults.3

What’s a Parent to Do?
Know the warning signs of dehydration: headache, dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps.4,5 Dehydration occurs well before kids are thirsty. 
To protect your kids on the inside as well as the outside, make fluid part of their essential sports safety equipment. Teach them to drink before, during and after activity.

Why is Gatorade an Optimal Drink?
It was created by scientists more than 35 years ago and is proven on the field every day.
Formulated with flavor to encourage kids to drink and electrolytes to replace the minerals they sweat out, Gatorade helps keep kids hydrated anytime they play.6,7

Fluid Examples for Kids
To learn more, visit:

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