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General Info/FAQ'S

Did you ever have a burning question regarding the swim team or swimming in general that you would like answered? Hopefully, this page will help.

Why is swim practice so early in the morning?
Swim practice is scheduled so that all 3 swim levels can be completed prior to the pool opening to the public. The lifeguards must have plenty of time to get the pool cleaned up and ready for the day.

Do Parents need to volunteer?
We ask that parents volunteer for at least 3 meets per swimmer. Every volunteer position is very easy. In the past, many parents have volunteered for every meet because they like being able to be closer to the pool and see the swimmers easily. Please sign-up early so you get the position you prefer. The volunteer sign-up sheets will be at every practice.
Note: Per the Dellwood Rec. Center-If you are NOT volunteering or a swimmer at a meet, you may NOT be in the fenced pool area this year other than purchasing bake sale or concession items. This also means siblings and friends of swimmers. This will be strictly enforced.

How many practices should my swimmer attend?
Practice is offered up to 7 times a week. You are encouraged to attend as many practices as you can. The more practices you attend, the better swimmer you become. However, you must attend 2 practices in order to swim in that week's meet.

Do I need a team swim suit?
You are not required to have a team suit. However, it makes our team look good if all swimmers are wearing the same suit. It is also easier for the coaches to pick out Dellwood swimmers if they are wearing the same suit. It is recommeded that swimmers wear their team suits to meets only, NOT practices.

Do I need goggles?
Goggles are not a necessity, however, it may keep your eyes from getting irritated from the chlorine in the pool.

Do I need a swim cap?
Swim caps are not a requirement. They are, however, strongly encouraged for girls. If the swimmer has long hair, it will keep the swimmer's hair out of their face, especially their eyes and mouth. Swim caps will be on sale throughout the season.

How long do meets last?
Meets usually last approximately 2 1/2- 3 hours. The Conference Prelims last longer.

Why are there flags across the pool?
The flags are placed a certain distance from the wall. They are used to inform the backstroke swimmer that the wall is approaching. During practices swimmers will determine how many strokes it will take to get to the wall once they see the flags. This is very beneficial when swimming backstroke in a meet.

What do I need to bring to a swim meet?
The swimmer should bring 2 towels, goggles, swim cap, and have their team suit on. It is also helpful if the swimmer brings something to occupy themselves during the meet such as books, coloring books, gameboy, CD player, cards, etc. Snacks and beverages are available at every meet for purchase.

Why is my swimmer only in 1 event at the meet?
The coaches make up the line up prior to each meet. When the coaches decide who will be in the event, they must decide who can swim the event without being disqualified. If your swimmer is only able to swim freestyle, they will only be able to swim in individual freestyle or relay races. The coaches are only allowed to enter 3 swimmers per event from our team. The more strokes your swimmer is able to do legally, the more events they will be entered in. The coaches must also take into account how many swimmers there are in the specific age group. If your child is in one of the larger age groups, he/she will be in fewer events to allow everyone a chance to swim. The coaches do their very best to keep everything fair.

What is breaststroke?
To do a legal breaststroke, the swimmer must do a kick similar to a frog kick, hands must not go below the belly button, and the swimmer must touch the wall with two hands.

What is butterfly?
The swimmer must kick his/her feet in a dolphin kick. Both arms come over his/her head together. As with the breaststroke, the swimmer must touch the wall with two hands.

What is an IM?
An IM is short for Individual Medley. An IM Consists of 4 laps of the pool. One lap each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. The strokes must be done in that order.

What is a free relay?
A free relay consists of 4 swimmers each swimming the correct number of laps of freestyle. Swimmers 10 and under each swim one lap of the pool, swimmers 11 and over each do 2 laps of the pool. When 1 swimmer touches the wall, the next swimmer dives in and does their lap/laps.

Do I have to do a freestyle flip turn?
The swimmers 11 and over are the only ones who do flip turns (10 and under only do 1 lap of the pool). Flip turns are not required, however, they are definately faster. To do a flip turn, the swimmer does a half sumersault; touches the wall with his/her feet, and pushes off on their stomach.

What is Donut Day?
Every Friday (after swim practice) there will be donuts available to purchase for 50 cents each. This is a fundraiser for the team. If any parent is interested in donating donuts for a Donut Day, please talk to a coach or a board member.

If I have a question or concern, whom do I talk to?
You should first talk to your child's coach. If there is still a problem, you should talk to a board member. Remember, you may leave a message on the Sportsline for any coach or board member.

What is the Sportsline?
The sportsline is our telephone message system. Swimmers/parents should call this number for pertinent information about the team, practices and meets. This number should be called prior to all practices and meets. In addition, you may leave a message/question for a coach or a board member. They will call you back at their earliest convenience. Refrigerator Sportsline/web site magnets are available.

What is Picture Day/ Pool Party?
The Picture Day/Pool Party is a specified evening at Dellwood Pool when team and individual pictures are taken. We will have this in the evening so all swimmers are able to attend. Swimmers will wear their team suit for this event. The pictures will be taken promptly at the time given. After pictures are taken, the swimmer, along with their family, are allowed to have fun in the pool and eat. Each family is asked to bring their favorite junk food to share. This makes for a very fun evening at the pool. You will receive more info about this party at a later date.

What is the Swim Banquet?
The swim banquet is our last event of the swim season. This is held on the Friday following the swim finals. Each swimmer and their family are invited to the Dellwood Pool and enjoy a smorgasbord of food. Each family will be asked to bring a side dish or dessert and their own beverages. Swim finals medals/ribbons, team trophies and fun awards will be given to swimmers followed by open swim and fun. You will receive more information about this event at a later date.

What is swimmer's ear and how can I prevent it?
Swimmer's ear is the infection of the outer ear. Some of the common symptoms are: pain in the ear canal that worsens when the earlobe is pulled and feeling of tenderness of fullness inside the ear. To help prevent swimmer's ear, you should cleanse the ear with a 50-50 mix of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Using a dropper, place 2-3 drops of the solution into each ear canal after exposure to water. Note: If you think your child may have swimmer's ear, please contact your physician.

What is DQ?
No, it does not stand for Dairy Queen on the swim team. It stands for disqualified. During meets there is a meet starter/stroke judge who watches the swimmers during each event making sure their starts, strokes, turns and finishes are done in the correct manner. If the meet starter/stroke judge observes that someone has done something illegal, he/she will advise the swimmer after the event as to what was wrong and will disqualify them. The swimmer should then go directly to their coach and advise them what was wrong. The coaches will help the swimmer correct the problem. Please, advise your swimmer that it is o.k. if he/she was disqualified. Every swimmer has gotten DQ'd at some point. It is a learning experience.

Dellwood Dolphins
Dellwood Dolphins
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