Delaware Strike Force Bowling Club: Welcome

The Delaware Strike Force history…….

Our club was founded in August 2003, where we established our club name, logo and elected officers, and later created our current club "By Laws".  Our motto is in alignment with TNBA's motto, as we also promote Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship.

While attending a bowling tournament in Rochester, New York, Lisa Henderson, Leslie Jackson, Quenna Neal and Tonya Cropper starting talking about forming a new club.  The objective of the club was going to be traveling to different states, compete and network with other bowlers and clubs.

The original founders met at Quenna’s house and started writing down name of bowlers who they thought would be interested in joining this club. Once the list was made, Lisa created a letter using the United States Army slogan “We Want You” and about 40 letters were sent out.  That first meeting had approximately 20 – 25 bowlers in attendance and as the saying goes “the rest is history”.  

2013 – 2014 Officers

James Hunt III – President

Rubin King – Vice President

Lisa "Twin" Henderson – Secretary

Leslie "Twin" Jackson – Treasurer

Joe Miller – Sgt. of Arms

                        Send any comments to our email address:

                            Mailing Address: P.O. Box 865 Wilmington, DE. 19899-0865