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Ultimate Cheer and Training Center
Fax: 603-382-4881
P. O. Box 1455
Location: Puzzle Lane Unit 7 Newton, NH
Plaistow, New Hampshire

Ultimate Cheer

Ultimate Cheer


Ultimate Cheer

Now and Forever • Maroon and Blue

No One Does It Better 

Welcome to Ultimate Cheer • Thanks for visiting our site    

Friday, December 5
And the Winner is!!!

Our thanks to everyone who purchased calendars for our fundaiser.  Check back often of updated winners:  Checkes will be mailed at the end of each week!

December 1:  Heather Zambrowicz 4 Tumbling Classes & $15.00

December 2:  Jen Hughes $15.00

December 3: S McAdams $15.00

Decmebr 4:  Julie Michaud $15.00

December 5:  Maryanne Ratkevicius $15.00 

December 6:  Brian Fitzpatrick $25.00

December 7:  Al Mazza $25.00

December 8:  Lisa Millett $15.00 and a hair care basket

December 9:  Paul Barresi $15.00

December 10:  Marcia Babbitt $15.00

December 11:  Matthew Ferullo $15.00 

Decemner 12: Tracy & Dave Bickum $15.00

December 13:  Bill Baldwinn $25.00

December 14:  Dot Gainnetti $25.00

December 15:  Brian McAuliffe $15.00 Grande Mexico GC

December 16::  Jen Patten $15.00 

December 17: Theresa Gridley $15.00

December 18:  Fred LeClair $15.00

Dwcwmbew 19:  Tammi Smith $15.00

December 20:   Kevin Fitzgerald $25.00

December 21:  Sean and Jen O'Connor $25.00

December 22:  James Bradley $15.00

December 23:  Paul Casey $15.00

December 24:  Christine Cochran $25.00

December 25:Kelly Noel $100.00

December 26:  Mike Schena $15.00

December 27: Cherie Nicholas $25;00

December 28:  Monique Sands $25.00 


Wednesday, April 2

14-15 Competition Season 

Welcome to the NEW Season


*****NEW Uniforms will be ordered in October*****

 Team Names

Tiny Undeniable  

Mini Unbelievable

Youth Untouchable

 Junior Unstoppable

Senior Unbreakable

Senior Unforgettable 


Ultimate Cheer and Training

2 Puzzle Lane Unit 7

Newton, NH






Tuesday, September 23
Update for 9/23/14




Open Tumbling  . . . .Every Tuesday:  4:30-5:30 & 5:30-6:30

***These are open classes, all levels may attend, you do not need to pre-register*** 




A Night of Comedy & Dance 

Saturday,  November 8th

7:00PM - 12:00AM 


Plaistow Fish & Game Club

(May Ray Ave. Plaistow NH)

  $20.00 per person . . . tickets may be purchased at the desk.

Munchies too!!!! 


  We are still accepting registration for:


Tinys are age 5 and under, practice is on Sundays from 10:00AM-11:00AM

Minis are age 8 and under, practices are on Sunday from 10:45AM-12:45PM,  Mondays from 4:30PM-6:30PM

Please contact us at ultimatectc@hotmail.com or call us at 603-793-9920 

Saturday, March 1
2014 Results

Advance Spirit Results - Feb 2

Junior 1 2nd Place

Youth 2 1st Place

Senior 2 2nd Place

Junior 3 3rd Place 

Senior 4 1st Place 


February 16 Winter Showcase 

Tiny -1st Place

Mini -1st Place 


Wednesday, May 2
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Friday, November 13
NEW Phone #

We have changed our phone number - you can call this number anytime- we have converted to one number rather than a gym and cell number.  Please add this number to your contacts so if your are late, have an emeregency, are lost on your way to competition, etc., you can let us know

The new number is 603-793-9920

Tuesday, February 7

American Cheer and Dance January 22nd 

Mini 2nd Place

Youth 4th Place

Juniors 1st Place

Seniors 2nd Place

Advance Spirit February 5th

Mini 2nd Place

Youth 4th Place

Juniors 2nd Place

Seniors 4th Place 

NEAS Dynasty March 10th 

Tiny 1st Place

Mini 1st Place

Youth 1st Place

Juniors 2nd Place

Seniors 3rd Place 


Tinys 1st Place

Youth 1st Place

NECA March 31 - Ryan Center RI

Mini 2nd Place

Youth 2nd Place

Juniors 2nd Place

Seniors 2nd Place

Cheer Central Storms - April 1st

Tiny 1st Place

Mini 1st Place

Youth 1st Place - Session Grand Champions!!!

Juniors 3rd Place

Seniors 1st Place


Ultimate Cheer

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