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Sunday, May 29
Team Placement 2016 - 2017 Season

Team placements can be found on the NEW Website! Please see the link below. Contact ultimatectc@hotmail.com with any questions.  


Saturday, April 23

Click on the link for TRY OUT INFORMATION!!!

Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22! 


Handout: Save the Date

Saturday, April 23
J3 the Countdown is ON

J3 is headed to the D2 Summit!   Its almost here  . . .show'em what you've got UNTAMABLE!!!!!

Wednesday, April 2

2016-2017 Competition Season Set to Begin

We Invite you to the NEW Season!


As our 2016 Competition Season winds down we are busy preparing for the 2016-2017 Competitive All Star Cheer season tryouts .

  Tryouts  for next season will be held on the following days:

Saturday May 21

Ages 6-11 tryout from 9:00 -10:30

Ages 12-18 tryout from 10:30-12:00 


Sunday May 22

Ages 6-11 Tryout from 5:00-6:30

Ages 12-18 Tryout from 6:30-8:00

  Interested participants only need to attend one session.  Ages are as of August 31, 2016.

Participants should be prapared for physcial activity and wear shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers.




Ultimate Cheer and Training

2 Puzzle Lane Unit 7

Newton, NH




Tuesday, January 12
Epic Brands Spirit Unlimited Results

Results:   Spirit Unlimited  URI 1/9/16

Great way to stast the season UC!!!!

Youth1 Untouchable:  6th place out of 9

Junior 2 Unstoppable: 1st Place

Junior 3 Untameable:  1st Place, Grand Champs, Highest Scoring Team, Paid Bid US FINALS!

Senior 4 Unforgettable:  1st Place

Next up:  Athletic Championship Rhode Island Convention Center 

Monday, December 7
Calendar Winners

December Calendar Winners Announced:

Dec. 1 Wendy Russo

Dec. 2 Jun Conklin

Dec. 3 Brad Sorensen

Dec. 4 Rudy Sevarino

Dec. 5 Marianne Marino

Dec. 6 The Blomquist Family

Dec. 7 Brenda Baker

Dec. 8 Tia Arsenault

Dec. 9 Alisa Bartlett

Dec. 10 Bret Merkel

Dec. 11 Nikki Fourtiales

Dec. 12 Roberta LeBeau

Dec. 13 Carrie Ann Guzaukus

Dec, 14 Frank Talarico

Dec. 15 Lorette Doucette

Dec. 16  George Fourtiales

Dec. 17 Ron Marino

Dec. 18 Nikki Fourtiales

Dec. 19 Gina Bowman

Dec. 20 George Leads 

Dec.21 Bill Clark

Dec. 22 George Fortiiales

Dec. 23 David Lecuyer

Dec. 24 Lori Laliberte

Dec. 25 Linda Desmond

Dec. 26 Judy Harrison

Dec. 27 Susan Surette

Dec. 28 Lisa Leney

Dec. 29 Katie Dowling

Dec. 30 Mike Owens 

Dec. 31 Mike Hackney 







Friday, November 13
NEW Phone #

We have changed our phone number - you can call this number anytime- we have converted to one number rather than a gym and cell number.  Please add this number to your contacts so if your are late, have an emeregency, are lost on your way to competition, etc., you can let us know

The new number is 603-793-9920

Wednesday, May 2
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