Decatur Force VBC: Team Types & Fees



Little Diggers


1 practice/wk; 1 tournament & 4 Saturday events; season ends spring break



2 practices/wk; 5 one-day tournaments; season ends spring break



2 practices/wk; 6 one-day tournaments; season ends in April

Regional Plus


2 practices/wk; 6-7 one-day + a 2-day tournament; season ends in April



practice 2-3 times/wk; mixed tournament schedule tba



practice 2-3 times/wk; mixed tournament schedule tba


No more than 9 players will be rostered per winter or regional type team.  Elite & National teams are capped at 10 players.

Volleyball skills training sessions (setting, hitting, passing, etc.) will be offered to Decatur Force players at no charge!

Club Fees

  • The club fee includes all team costs: tournaments, uniform (jersey, spandex & socks), practice facility rental, insurance fees, equipment, coaches’ compensation & administrative expenses.
  • Winter, Regional & Regional+ players will receive kneepads.
  • Elite players will receive same uniform package as Regional players with the addition of warmup, second jersey, spandex & socks.
  • National players will receive same package as Elite players, with the addition of shoes.
  • Costs to attend Nationals are additional.
  • Players’ hotel stay & optional Forcewear are extra.

Payment Terms

  • The first payment is due by December 1st.  (1/4 for National teams, 1/3 for Elite/Reg+ teams and 1/2 for Regional & Winter)

  • The second payment is due January 10th.   (1/4 for National teams, 1/3 for Elite/Reg+ teams and 1/2 for Regional & Winter).

  • Elite/Reg+/National teams will have a third payment due on Feb 10th.

  • National Teams will have a fourth payment due March 10th. 

  • Little Diggers payment schedule:  $50 due Nov 1; $150 due Dec 1; $150 due Jan 10

Alternative payment arrangements can be made by contacting the fees administrator. There will be a charge of $10 per extra payment. Optional fundraisers will be available to defray a player’s individual costs. A $25 fee will be added to any account that is past due or for a check that is returned by the bank.


Little Diggers stay primarily in Decatur, but will travel to Fort Wayne and surrounding counties for tournaments.   Winter/Regional/Regional Plus teams travel within a two-hour radius of Decatur.  Elite & National level teams will compete in a combination of one & multi-day events ranging from one to four hours away, including a qualifier.  National teams have more play dates at national level.