Sacred Heart CYO: Parents

Thursday, November 16
Basketball Tournament
Dear Parents,

The cost of running a quality sports program at Sacred Heart is, as you would expect, rising significantly. We have tried very hard to keep the cost of participation affordable. As it stands right now, we charge $60 to participate in a CYO sport including cheerleading. The actual cost is more than twice that. The difference is made up by admissions and concessions during our basketball season, soccer concessions and a parish stipend. We also solicit sponsorships for our gym banner.

In comparison, the cost to play MBA basketball is $200 per athlete and the price for the Dearborn soccer and baseball programs is around $100 per athlete.

I’m not writing to tell you of an impending price increase to participate in our sports program, nor am I writing to tell you about selling tickets, pizza kits, candy or anything else.

I’m writing to ask for a little of your time.

We will be hosting a Christmas Basketball Tournament from December 26 through December 30 and we need volunteers. I am asking all parents, alumni (we’ll give community service hours) and upperclassmen (eighth graders) from all sports to help out with this.

This is a major fundraising opportunity for Sacred Heart CYO and will benefit all sports programs. The task of organizing and running this tournament is daunting. With your help, we can make it a great success.

Please sign on to a volunteer role when asked, or call our Tournament co-directors, Rick Stretanski at 313-562-7848 or Joe Caruso at 313-277-7845.

Thank you,

Joe Caruso
CYO Board Chairman
Dearborn Sacred Heart Parish