Sacred Heart CYO: Eligibility

Who is eligible to participate in CYO sports at Sacred Heart?

Sacred Heart Students and Parishioners:

To be eligible to play on a CYO team at Sacred Heart the athlete must be either a student at Sacred Heart School or a registered parishioner. CYO athletics at Sacred Heart are offered to boys and girls in the 5th through 8th grade. Announcements for sign up are made in the Guardian, school Brown Envelope, religious education bulletins, other parish bulletins or right here on this website.

Occasionally, when sign up numbers are extremely low, we allow 4th grade students to play on CYO teams. When this occurs the athletic director will put out a call for 4th grade athletes in the Guardian/other parish bulletins, school Brown Envelope and religious education bulletins.

We have a no-cut policy at Sacred Heart, so every athlete that signs up on time is eligible to be placed on a team. Late sign ups are accepted at the athletic director’s discretion and will only be placed on teams if rosters are not already full.


Non-Parishioners are eligible to play on Sacred Heart teams provided they are a baptized Catholic and/or a registered parishioner of an adjoining Catholic Church or School and at least one of the following conditions are met:

1. The athlete has been cut from his or her own parish/school team.
2. The athlete’s home parish does not have a sports program.
3. The particular sport is not offered at the athlete’s home parish.
4. The athlete provides written consent from the head of the athletic program and/or pastor of his or her own parish.

Please note: Sacred Heart only accepts out-of-parish athletes if there is room on teams for more players. If the rosters are full, no out-of-parish athletes will be accepted. In the case where more athletes are needed, the athletic director may put out a call to area parishes or you may contact the athletic director with inquiries.

Academic and Behavior Requirements:

Athletes must carry at least a 2.0 grade point average to participate in CYO sports at Sacred Heart or have a plan in place to improve their academic standing. They must also be in good behavioral standing with their school.

Please note that Varsity playing time is not guaranteed. Team goals take precedent over individual goals at the Varsity level. Also, athletes are placed on teams at the evaluation committee's discretion and may end up on a team with students from grades and schools other than their own. Great strides are taken to do what is best for the athlete and the program but Sacred Heart CYO sports cannot accommodate individual requests when it comes to team placement.