Sacred Heart CYO: By-Laws

Sacred Heart of Dearborn
CYO Athletics Bylaws
Revision 2, February 4, 2010

I.       Mission

The Sacred Heart Parish CYO Athletic Program enriches the lives of our children by providing athletic development and competition in a safe, sportsmanlike, Christian environment. We seek to enhance the self-confidence, self-discipline, and perseverance of our children, while developing their athletic skills and spiritual growth.

II.       Program Philosophy

Our approach to athletic competition is based on the philosophy that we should make the best use of our God given talents while maintaining the highest levels of sportsmanship. As a result, our coaches will attempt to best use the talents of their team to win, while not compromising our beliefs in sportsmanship and that all athletes should have the opportunity to participate.

III.       Governance

The Athletic Director, Sports Directors and a CYO Board of Governors, who report to the Sacred Heart Pastor, shall govern the Sacred Heart CYO Athletic Program. The Sacred Heart Pastor shall have the right of approval and veto power over all decisions.

A.       The Board of Governors shall include fifteen members and be comprised of the following:

1.       The Athletic Director;

2.       A liaison from Sacred Heart School;

3.       Three Sports Directors, one each for fall, winter and spring sports;

4.       Eight representatives who are members at large, two from each of the grades participating in CYO athletics (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades);

5.       An equipment manager;

6.       A concessions coordinator

B.       To be eligible to serve in all positions on the CYO Board of Governors, a person must be a registered member of Sacred Heart Parish. To be eligible for the position of Athletic Director or Sports Director, a person must be a member of Sacred Heart Parish, and must not be an active Coach at Sacred Heart during the same season unless approved by the board.

C.       The CYO Board members shall be elected as follows:

1.       The Sacred Heart School Liaison shall be appointed by the principal of Sacred Heart School;

2.        The Athletic Director candidate shall be nominated by the standing Board and then the name submitted to the Pastor of Sacred Heart for approval. Any Sacred Heart Parishioner is eligible to be the Athletic Director. Recommendations and self-nominations can be presented directly to the Board for consideration.

3.        Sports Director(s) for each season (fall, winter, and spring) shall be nominated by the Athletic Director at the final meeting of the school year prior to the commencement of their term. After nomination the Standing Board must approve the nomination by a two thirds (2/3) majority of the CYO Board of Governors in attendance. The term of the Sports Director's assignment shall be for a period of two years.

4.       The members at large of the CYO Board of Governors shall be elected in a public meeting, to be held, at the end of the prior school year. In the first year of elections at large representatives shall be elected, two each for parents with children in CYO athletics grades 5-8. Thereafter, the annual elections shall be held for half of the at large members. The members at large shall serve for tenures of two years. In each year elections shall be held for representatives of the 5th and 7th grade class. Candidates wishing to be elected the CYO Board may nominate themselves, state the class they wish to represent, and state their background and interests, which are relevant to the CYO Board. After all interested candidates have been nominated, a secret ballot shall be held by the standing Board of Governors and other parishioners in attendance.

5.       At any officially called, regular or special meeting of the Board, any one of the members of the CYO Board may be removed, for cause, by a vote of two thirds (2/3) majority of the entire Board. The unexcused missing of two consecutive meetings shall be cause for removal. The Athletic Director shall notify the member considered for removal to appear at the next regular meeting. At that time, the member shall be heard by the Board, and the removal shall be upheld unless overturned by a vote of two thirds (2/3) of the Board members.

6.       Vacant positions on the CYO Board shall be filled as follows; Notification of the open position shall be posted in the Sacred Heart Guardian and/or websites for a minimum of one week prior to a CYO Board meeting to elect the new member(s). All interested parish members must attend the meeting and describe for the board their reasons for seeking the open position. After all candidates have been interviewed, the CYO Board shall vote by secret ballot for the replacement board member. A majority vote of board members in attendance is required to elect the replacement member.

D.       The duties and responsibilities of the members of the CYO Board shall be as follows:

1.       The Athletic Director shall call and preside over all special or regular
meetings. If the Athletic Director cannot attend a regular meeting, the Athletic Director shall appoint a temporary Chairperson for the missed
meeting. Additionally, the CYO Athletic Director shall call the Board into session; be responsible for all activities of the Board; coordinate the agenda for all meetings; provide communication to the parish through the parish Guardian and/or website(s); and govern all meetings using Robert's Rules of Order. The specific responsibilities of Athletic Director are defined in section V.

2.       The Sports Director(s) shall oversee the sports programs for the seasons for which the represent (fall, winter or spring) including: recruiting and supervising coaches; managing all season’s finances utilizing the parish business manager subject to the approval of the Athletic Director; coordinating team schedules; and ensuring all CYO and Parish policies are enforced. The specific responsibilities of Sports Directors are defined in section V.

3.       The members at large shall be responsible to attend Board meetings; represent the views of the parents of students in represented grade in all athletic matters; and vote on issues under consideration by the Board.

E.       The procedures for discussion and passage of resolutions shall be as follows; The Board shall not pass any resolution, which conflicts with policies or direction of the Archdiocese of Detroit, the CYO, or Sacred Heart Parish. The Sacred Heart Pastor may overturn any decision of the Board. All Board meetings shall be governed according to Robert's Rules of Order.

1.       A quorum of the CYO Board of Governors shall be established when at least 7 Board members are in attendance including, an Athletic Director or interim Chairperson.

2.       Procedure of the Board shall be defined by Bylaws, which are ratified by a majority of the Board. Changes to these By Laws may be enacted upon recommendation of a standing Board member and approved by a majority of the Board.

3.       Resolutions on all other issues, not explicitly described herein, shall be ratified as follows;

a)       A member of the CYO Board shall raise the issue for discussion.

b)       Discussion of the issue shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

c)       The resolution shall be passed by a simple majority of the Board

d)       members in attendance, provided however, a quorum of the Board is in attendance.

4.       The CYO Board of Governors shall meet at least monthly. Board meetings shall be listed on the Sacred Heart CYO website and/or in Guardian at least one week prior to the meeting, and shall be open to all parish members. Meetings shall generally be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the parish office’s lower level meeting room.

5.       Coaches for each sport shall be appointed as follows;

a)       An announcement shall be placed in the Sacred Heart Guardian and CYO website soliciting candidates for coaching positions.

b)       The CYO Board shall hold a meeting to meet with each coach-candidate and solicit input about the coaching experience, philosophies, beliefs, approach, and conduct of the candidate. At that time, the CYO Board shall inform the coach-candidate of the Sacred Heart CYO expectations, philosophies and principles.

c)       After each candidate, including returning coaches, is interviewed, The Sports Director shall make a recommendation to the Board at large for each coaching position. The Board shall then discuss each candidate and vote for each coach and opening. Each coach shall be appointed by receiving a majority vote of the Board for a particular position. If on the first ballot a majority vote is not reached, the Board shall again discuss the candidates and positions, and hold a subsequent vote. This process shall continue until all positions are filled.

6.       Minutes of all meetings shall be taken by a Board member or designee and shall be kept for the school year. CYO Board minutes shall be available upon request by any member of Sacred Heart Parish.

7.       The CYO Athletic Program shall be governed by certain athletic principles, which may be modified by a majority of the Board of Governors.

F.       All accounting of CYO athletics shall be managed as follows.

1.       The Athletic Director, with the parish bookkeeper, shall be responsible to maintain a record of all financial transactions. This accounting should at a minimum include the record of all revenues, and major expenses of the program. These records should be available to the Board of Governors.

2.       The Sports Director or Athletic Director will submit all revenues from athletic events to the Parish Bookkeeper.

3.        Sacred Heart CYO will pay all athletic expenses through their accounts managed by the Parish Bookkeeper. The Sports Director shall submit a request for funds with a written justification. This request shall be reviewed and approved by the Athletic Director. Upon approval from the Athletic Director, the requested funds shall be provided by check by the Parish Bookkeeper.

5.       The Athletic Director shall prepare a budget annually projecting revenues and expenses. This budget shall be completed each year by May for the following school year or at the request of the pastor.

IV.       Athletic Principles

The Sacred Heart CYO athletic program shall be governed by certain principles, which are defined here and may be modified from time to time by approval of a majority of the CYO Board of Governors.

A.       Athletics at the Junior Varsity level (grades 5 and 6) shall be governed by an instructive and participation philosophy in which each player shall have the opportunity to play in the games. Playing time and player substitution decisions will be made by the coaches based on the skills of the players, game conditions, player conduct, attitude, and attendance at practice. However, each player in good standing shall start at least one (I) game during the season, and shall play in each game.

B.       Athletics at the Varsity level shall be governed by a competitive and instructive philosophy, in which the team objectives shall be considered over specific playing time objectives. Playing time and player substitution decisions will be made by the coaches based on the skills of the players, game conditions, player conduct, attitude, and attendance at practice. Although not specifically mandated, each player in good standing should be afforded the opportunity to play in games.

C.       Any member of Sacred Heart Parish shall have the opportunity to participate in CYO athletics. Members of neighboring parishes are also eligible to participate in the Sacred Heart program as long as their home parish does not have a sports program, their sports program doesn’t offer the sport in question, they’ve been cut from their program, or they receive proper sign off from their pastor and/or Athletic Director. As a result, teams shall be organized to include all eligible and interested parishioners and non-parishioners, while maintaining a manageable number of players. It is not the practice of the Sacred Heart CYO to cut players.

D.       All athletic principles shall be monitored. Non-compliance with these principles may result in removal of any coach based on the majority approval of the CYO Board of Governors.

V.       Athletic Director

The responsibilities of the Athletic Director shall be as follows:

The Athletic Director oversees the standing Board and the Athletic Program. The Athletic Director, prior to payments, must approve all CYO Athletics expenditures.

A.       Nominate Sports Directors, Equipment Manager and Concession Coordinator. Recruit replacements for open CYO Board positions. Manage website content and/or Webmaster. Place announcements in Guardian and/or on CYO website. Maintain an email lists for the board members. Insure all Board members review the CYO By-laws and any changes are properly approved.
B.       Lead the process to complete any improvements to the gym, locker rooms, fields, or concessions stand. Obtain approval of Stewardship Committee.
C.       Notify the Stewardship Committee of all fundraising activities (outside of the normal game day activities).
D.       Send reminders to members for board meetings, prepare agendas each month.
E.       Chair Board meetings and insure minutes are taken.
F.       Track fundraising activity and monitor the account balance with parish bookkeeper.
G.       Reserve a meeting room for CYO Board meetings throughout the year.
H.       Reserve the gym for CYO after school every day and all day Saturday. Resolve any requests for the gym that occur throughout the year.
I.       Meet with the pastor or Stewardship Committee twice a year to provide an update on CYO activities.
J.       Plan for and prioritize equipment needs for the following year.
K.       Prepare budget for next fiscal year – August through July. Submit to parish bookkeeper for approval.
L.       Ask parish bookkeeper for list of all CYO deposits and expenses. Compare this to the budget to look for significant variances.
M.       Coordinate CYO Mass once a year.
N.       Insure CYO events are posted on the parish calendar and appear in the
weekly bulletin and/or CYO website.
O.        Appoint Events Committee to help Athletic Director and Sports Directors with banquets, Homecoming and other events.
P.        Oversee the resolution of conflicts when referred from Sports Directors, parents, board members, Sacred Heart staff, pastor, etc.
Q.        Appoint the Board’s Organizational Committees (Planning Committee, etc.)

VI.       Sports Director Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Sports Director shall be as follows:

A.       Recommend coaches for approval, by the CYO Board, oversee their activities and conducting post-season evaluations. Submit list of approved coaches to the parish office making certain that Criminal Background Check paperwork and Protecting God’s Children Certificates are on file.

B.       Managing program finances, with the parish bookkeeper, in accordance with CYO and parish policies.

C.       Coordinating team sign-up and managing team rosters consistent with CYO policies.

D.       Arranging and coordinating team schedules with the CYO;

E.       Monitoring the program to ensure all CYO and Parish policies are enforced while consulting with and briefing the Athletic Director;

F.       Arbitrate any coach/player/parent issues while also keeping the Athletic Director informed. Refer unresolved issues to the Athletic Director for resolution.

G.       Work with school liaison to identify Scholar/Athlete award winners for the fall, winter and spring seasons. Send completed applications to CYO. Prepare Scholar Athlete articles for Guardian – obtain pictures -- or supply information to the Athletic Director for submission.

H.       Performing certain duties at the beginning of the season:

1.       Schedule sign-up for seasonal sport
2.       Schedule gym, field, and game times with input from coaches
3.       Collect registration fees
4.       Work with the Athletic Director and equipment manager to identify and obtain necessary equipment
5.       Arrange for payment of various CYO fees (team registration and tournament entry)
6.       Arrange for pre-season, Christmas, and/or post-season tournaments

H.       Performing certain post-season activities:

1.       Help coordinate recognition banquets for each team with Athletic Director and/or Events Committee.
2.       Arrange for individual trophies or t-shirts, etc. for 1st place teams
3.       Distribute, collect and summarize surveys
4.       Review surveys with board members and coaches
5.       Arrange post-season tournaments.

VI.       Equipment Manager

1.       Pass out uniforms to players and collect at season’s end.
2.       Maintain uniform and equipment budget
3.       Distribute keys to coaches and maintain a log of who has gym keys.
4.       Purchase new equipment and uniforms after receiving Board approval.
5.       Report out uniform and equipment status at the monthly CYO Board Meetings.

VII.       Concession Coordinator Responsibilities

A.       Managing concessions, including soliciting and coordinating volunteers, purchasing food and materials, and managing concession receipts.

VIII.       Coaches Responsibilities

To be appointed as coach, a person must be judged to be a good standing member
of the community, be capable of upholding the CYO and Sacred Heart principles, be able to develop the athletic talents of the players and be capable of enhancing the self-esteem and spiritual well being of the players. The coach has an important role in the CYO program and has certain responsibilities.

A.       The coaches must manage his/her team consistent with CYO and parish policies and principles.

B.       The coach must serve as a role model for the players, by demonstrating Christian behavior at all times.

C.       The coach must establish practice and training guidelines and communicate them to all players and their parents. A coach-parent meeting must take place before the season starts outlining expectations and coaching philosophies.

D.       Teach game fundamentals, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Varsity coaches must encourage and develop all athletes—even their non-starters and less physically talented players--making a meaningful experience for entire team.

E.       Collect uniform deposit, distribute and collect uniforms, distribute uniform deposits at the end of the season.

F.       Coaches are responsible for the supervision of players during designated practice and game times. If the coach cannot be present during the designated practice time, they must arrange for an adult replacement.

G.       Coaches must select and/or recruit an assistant coach who is 18 years or older and must never be alone at practices without the adult assistant.

VII.       Player Responsibilities

To participate in the Sacred Heart CYO athletic program each player has specific responsibilities

A.       Each player must maintain acceptable academic performance. Academic performance should not be compromised by athletic competition. Academic performance shall be benchmarked and monitored by the children's parents.

B.       Players have a responsibility to attend all practices and games and are to notify the coach of any expected absences.

C.       Players have a responsibility to comply with the practice and game rules of the coach.

D.       Players have a responsibility to compete in a sportsmanlike manner. Unsportsmanlike behavior including, fighting, abusive language, cheating, disrespect for coaches, officials, parents, fans or other players, or unlawful acts will result in disciplinary action, up to and including, suspension or removal from the team.

E.       Players shall take proper care of all Sacred Heart property. Any player who
willfully damages any parish property shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including, dismissal from the team.

VIII.       Parents Responsibilities

The CYO athletic program relies on the participation and support of the parents. For the program to succeed we recognize the important contribution of the player's parents.

A.       It is the responsibility, of the parents, to ensure that their children meet the CYO guidelines.

B.       It is the responsibility of the parents to establish and monitor their children's academic performance and intervene if necessary. For children who attend Sacred Heart School, teachers may recommend that a child be placed on academic/behavioral probation or suspended from the team until acceptable performance is maintained or a plan for success is in place. All such communication is handled through the CYO School Liaison to the Athletic Director.

C.       During home games there are many jobs, and support of all parents is expected. It is the responsibility of parents with children in the athletic program to contribute their time to assist with these jobs. Time spent on these duties (after the required 3 hours) is eligible for credit under the Sacred Heart School's Parent Participation Program (PPP). Parents who do not volunteer to assist with home game duties will forfeit their uniform deposit check.

D.       Parents are also responsible for transportation to and from games. The coaches will provide game dates, times and locations.

E.       Parents are responsible for transportation to and from practice. Players shall not be left unattended without the coach present. Parents are responsible for making sure their child enters practices or games upon drop off.

F.       Parents are responsible to pay to the parish a registration fee, which shall be established by the CYO Board. A uniform deposit may also be required prior to a child receiving a Sacred Heart uniform. At the end of the season this deposit will be returned if the uniform is returned in a clean and reusable condition. If the uniform is not cleaned or is damaged Sacred Heart reserves the right to retain the deposit to replace the uniform.

G.       Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times except during designated practice time. No other children, including siblings, are allowed in the Gym without a parent present. Parents are not to drop young children off at CYO events without proper supervision.