: League News: "O" Zone Rules Will Not Become Effective Until the 2007 Season

Wednesday, February 15
"O" Zone Rules Will Not Become Effective Until the 2007 Season
The Demopolis Dixie Youth Board announced Tuesday that it would postpone the implementation of the new "O" Zone Rules until the 2007 season.  Last week the Board voted to adopt the "O" Zone Rules effective for the upcoming season and play the games on  New Era Field which has traditionally been the field used by the Dixie Major's Division.  To accommodate the "O" ZOne Rules the pitcher's mound would have to be moved back four feet, and the base lines extended ten feet which would necessitate the removal of about an eight foot strip of grass around the perimeter of the infield.  

The Board was informed on Monday by the Director for Parks and Recreation, Mark Pettus, that the league would have to use Field 4.  Since that field is fairly new construction the infield dirt is still loose and there are ruts in the outfield.  Under those conditions the Board decided that it would be best to postpone the implementation of the "O" ZOne Rules for the Major's Division until next year when the changes can be made to New Era.  Additionally, another consideration for delaying the change is that Demopolis is scheduled to host the Sub-District Tournament for the Major's this year and  had the league adopted the "O" Zone Rules the District would have had to move the tournament to a site that still played under the "old " rules.