DCG Soccer Club: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The DCG Soccer Club maintains the following FAQ to assist club players, parents, coaches, and referees. While we try to maintain the currency of the FAQ please note that it is subject to change without notice and that any descrepencies should be brought to the board's attention.


How do I register my child for soccer?

Registration information and the link to our online registration site can be found at www.dcgsoccer.com.

What do I do if online registration is closed and I want to register my child?

Contact the Registrar via email at registration@dcgsoccer.com to determine team roster openings for the season. If an opening for your child is available the Registrar will provide you with the registration paperwork at that time.

Team Formation

How are teams formed?

  • U5/U6 - All teams are coed and formed randomly each fall. Each spring the teams will remain the same for returning players who register on time and as long as that team has enough players for the season.
  • U7/U8 - New teams are formed each fall as either coed or all girls. Each spring the teams will remain the same for returning players who register on time and as long as that team has enough players for the season.
  • U9-U19 - New teams will be formed for the U9 fall season and those teams will remain together going forward as along as: player registration is completed on time, the team has enough players for the season (number of players required per team is age dependent) or a parent submits a request to not be placed on a previous team.
  • Once a player skips a season or registers after regular registration then placement with a previous team is no longer guaranteed.

Can I request a new team?

You may request your child to play on a different team with a written request submitted to the Registrar at registration@dcgsoccer.com during the registration period. You may NOT request a specific team/coach, as this is against ISA rules and regulations.

Why can't I choose who I want my child to be on a team with?

The governing bodies for DCG Soccer Club require that recreational soccer teams be randomly assigned

Will my child be placed on the same team?

  • U5-U8 - New teams are formed randomly every fall. Each spring the teams will remain the same as long as registration is completed on time and there are enough players to make the team viable for the season.
  • U9 & Up - New teams will be formed for the U9 fall season; those teams will remain together going forward as long as the player registers for the next season on time, the team has enough players to remain together for the next season and a player does not skip a season (once a season is skipped or registration is completed late there is not a guarantee of placement back on a previous team)

Can I request a coach?

Per Iowa Soccer Association (ISA) requests for a specific coach or team are prohibited.

Can my child play in a different age level?

No play up requests will be considered for U5-U10. For players registered in the 2015-16 season as U11 or older, a parent may send a request to the Registrar at registration@dcgsoccer.com for their child to play up within their age division or between age divisions but Board approval is required. There are several criteria that must be met. Please see the Team Formation Criteria.

Why do I need to upload a photo of my child?

Each fall and upon a new registration you are required to upload a photo of your child as part of the player card requirement. These player cards are used for U7 and up in order to insure that the players on the field are registered with their respective club and are assigned to the given team. The photo is an ISA requirement

Why do you need my child's birth certificate?

Iowa Soccer Association (ISA) requires that upon new registration we have a government issued proof of age on file for every child who is a member of our club. These birth certificates are shredded or deleted if sent via email, at the completion of their first full season of soccer.

What age level will my child play in?

Players are placed on teams based upon the ISA guidelines, which are determined by date of birth. Refer to the Iowa Soccer Association Team Age Brackets to determine your child's age level for the season.


What is a soccer season?

Iowa Soccer Association (ISA) rules dictate that the soccer season year runs from September 1 to August 31 of the following year with a fall and spring season within the seasonal year. Teams that are formed in the fall remain together for the spring season (new players may be added as openings allow). If players chose to play in a summer ISA sanctioned tournament their player cards are still valid for age verification until Aug 31.

Can I get a refund?

  • Request for refunds must be submitted in writing and will be presented to the Soccer Board. Refunds will be granted as follows: 1) before the end of registration a full refund will be provided, less a $10 processing fee; 2) requests received 2 weeks before the start of games will be provided a 50% refund; 3) after the start of games no refunds will be provided.
  • Request for refunds must be submitted in writing using the Refund Request Form, which may be sent via email to the Registrar at registration@dcgsoccer.com.

What is the best way to contact club members?

You will find board member name and contact information listed under the Board option in the navigation menu.

How can I volunteer with the Soccer Club?

  • We have many volunteer opportunities within the club such as: team parent, coach, assistant coach, field maintenance, as well as various Board level positions.
  • If you are interested in helping with the club you may either indicate your interest during the registration process on your child's form or contact the club directly.

Miscellaneous - Coach

When do I contact the opposing team coach?

Communicating with the coach of the opposing team should be done as early as possible. You should have a working cell number for the coach, regardless of a home or away game. Best practice would be to call all of the coaches listed for your season as soon as you get your schedule to introduce yourself and confirm their phone number. Then you should have a followup call the week of the game. This makes game day communication and last-minute schedule changes much easier to do.This can eliminate surprises and confusion and can reduce unnecessary travel by the teams due to a rescheduled game.

What do we do if it is raining or snowing?

  • Weather related closures for the DCG soccer fields can be found on the DCG Soccer Club website at www.dcgsoccer.com, on our Facebook page, on Twitter or by signing up for RainedOut, which is a text/email message service. The link for RainedOut, which is a free service, can be found on the club website.
  • If the DCG soccer fields are closed contact the opposing team coach (if you are the home team) and then contact your players
  • If the DCG soccer fields are open and the weather is inclement it is up to the discretion of the coach and parent to determine whether it is appropriate for your child/team to practice or play a game, contact the opposing team coach for game cancellations.
  • If your game's location is in another community or other sports complex, you will need to confirm the game's status before leaving Dallas Center or Grimes. You must contact the other coach and then let your team know if there is anything preventing the game from being played at the scheduled time and location.

What do we do if there is lightning or thunder?

When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, all practices and games need to be immediately suspended for a MINIMUM of thirty (30) minutes. No one is to remain on the fields. Notify others there is danger from lightning and take shelter right away. Practices and games will not resume until a MINIMUM of thirty (30) minutes have passed since the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder.

How do I reschedule a game?

  • If you are the coach of the home team, contact the Assignor (assignor@dcgsoccer.com) to determine additional available dates. Please do this prior to the day of the canceled game if possible, so that a referee does not show up when a game will not take place.
  • Check with the other coach about the best alternative date. Again, do this as soon as possible.
  • Verify referees have been assigned and the other team can make the date. It is the coach's responsibility to get the game rescheduled even if the club canceled the game due to weather.

What are player cards and coach badges?

  • Player cards are required for ages U7 and up by the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA). This card provides proof that your child is registered and assigned to a given team for the seasonal year. These cards are only valid for one full season (Sept 1 to Aug 31 of the following year) and are reissued for every new fall season or if your child changes teams between fall and spring.
  • Coach badges are required for ALL coaching staff and are only provided to a coach upon completion of a volunteer disclosure form including a background check. Per ISA rules only those coaches who have completed the paperwork and received the coach badge may be on the team side during games and can be on the field during practices with the team.

When will I receive my roster and schedule?

  • Rosters will be provided to the coaches 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the season, earlier when able. The rosters will be received electronically from the Registrars.
  • U5-U8 - Schedules will be provided at least 1 week prior to the start of the season. Team schedules are generated by DCG Soccer Club and will be sent as soon as the Registrars complete them.
  • U9-U19 - Schedules will be provided at least 1 week prior to the start of the season. Team schedules are generated by Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League and will be sent as soon as the Registrars receive them.

When are the team practices?

Team practices are scheduled by the individual coaches based upon coach/team availability

Will I be reimbursed for coaching?

Our organization depends on volunteer parent coaches to support league play. Parents / volunteers can coach more than one team. New coaches are not required to have sport-specific knowledge and can attend a coaches orientation prior to the beginning of the season. All volunteer coaches will be provided equipment and materials for their teams. Head coaches will receive a $50 reimbursement for each team they coached after all equipment and materials have been returned at the end of the season.

Are player cards required to play a game?

Player Cards and the Coaches' Identification Card are always required to play a DCG Soccer Club sanctioned game. The DCG Soccer Club referees may only call sanctioned games and DCG Soccer Club's liability insurance only covers sanctioned games. If the Player Cards are not present or the Coach does not have a Hard Pass the referee will not call the game and any scrimmage between the teams will be at their own risk.

Miscellaneous - Parent

What equipment does my child need to play soccer?

  • Soccer ball - U5-U8 Size 3, U9-U12 Size 4, U13 and up Size 5
  • Shin guards are REQUIRED and MUST BE WORN AT EACH PRACTICE & GAME for the player's own protection
  • Soccer shoes - may be general athletic shoes or soccer cleats (recommended)
  • Uniform - DCG Soccer Club jerseys are available at Soccer Master, 3233 100th St, Urbandale (515-270-8141)
  • The uniform consists of a red jersey, white jersey, red shorts, and red socks and may be purchased from Soccer Master on 100th St in Urbandale.

When will I hear from my child's coach?

Coaches receive their rosters during the coach clinic, which is held approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the season. They should then contact you within that next week for practice and team information.

Where are the DCG soccer fields?

The DCG soccer fields are located at the Grimes Sports Complex, 750 S James St., Grimes, which is south of South Prairie Elementary.

Can my child wear earrings, jewelry or hairclips at soccer games?

No. Medical alert bracelets/chains may be worn at the referee's discretion.

When are the team practices?

Team practices are scheduled by the individual coaches based upon coach/team availability

When will my child's games be played?

Games are generally played on the weekend with U5-U10 on Saturday's and U11 & up on Sunday's. There are some exceptions with some games occurring during the week or on the opposite weekend day.